Katie's Timeline

  • BORN!

    I was born on the summer solstice in Marietta, GA.
  • School Days

    School Days
    I started kindergarten and absolutely hated it. I watched the door the entire time for my mom.
  • Relocated !

    Relocated !
    My family moved only 15 minutes down the road to the more suburban area of Marietta
  • Soccer

    I made the traveling team for soccer and it was a huge part of my life during this time

    I graduated from Harrison High School
  • Apple of my eye

    I started dating my boyfriend around the time of my birthday in 2009.
  • Go Blazers

    Go Blazers
    I went to Valdosta State out of high school for a year.
  • Back Home

    Back Home
    I moved back home to work my second year of school, which helped my grades astronomically
  • GSU

    I transferred to GSU and decalred my special education major.