Katie Nestor Technology Big 5

By kct93
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    A timeline detailing the technological, educational, and personal milestones I recall being directly linked to technology.
  • WiFi available to the masses

    A large public event involving technology in 1997 was the mass availability of wifi. I remember this vividly because this meant that slower forms of internet became more affordable to families, and I was allowed to have 'dial up' on my computer in my bedroom. I also remember that this meant changes in the computer labs in school.
  • Apple iPod

    At the beginning of the 2000's there was a rapid shift in how we listened to music. It's crazy to think that I am among one of the few that will have had a collection of cassettes, cd' and, a digital music library, and now collect records.
  • Google Upload

    Google Upload
    Junior High was still a thing when I was in school and during this academic period we did lots of writing, and there was a 7th and 9th grade research project. I remember vividly how huge the Google index had grown and what a tool it was to be shown how to use it correctly to look up information. Photo credit: Google// www.wikipedia.com
  • Kindle Fire Release

    Kindle Fire Release
    I am an avid reader, so this was a huge deal for me personally and academically. It was hard for me to adjust to reading digitally, but I also really enjoyed not having to lug all of my college textbooks around. I got a Kindle Fire as a graduation gift and it was one of the most useful things that I had during my Fresh. year of college.
    Photo credit: Amazon// www.amazon.com
  • VR seemingly grows in popularity

    I am the oldest sibling, but I have never been overly interested in video gaming like my siblings. I think it is a generational thing. I especially started to feel my age when my younger brothers got really into the VR thing, and while I appreciate the science and technology behind them, I just can't get into them.