Katia's Timeline

  • Katia White was born !! :)

    I was born in Richmond,Virgina at St. Mary's Hospital.
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    Katia's Personal Timeline

  • My first step

    I took my first steps. It was a exciting day for my mother.
  • First Day of Pre-School

    My First Day of Pre-School was scary.
  • My mom and dad got a divorce

    I was sad when my parents seperated even though i didnt know what was going on.
  • I Graduate from Elementary

    i have a lot of memories in elementary school
  • I moved in my new house :)

    I met alot of new friends
  • I went to Myrtle Beach

    My first time going to an actually beach was the best memory
  • I went to Norfolk

    i went to Norfolk to celebrate my cousin's birthday. We went to alot of different places. I had fun.
  • I spent 3 days in Virgina Beach

    i stayed in Virginia Beach for 3 days for my mother's birthday
  • I met my boyfirend

    The day i met my boyfriend was the day my life changed. :)