Kaipo's Life

By kaipo
  • My Birth

    My Birth Date
  • siting in my little boul playing with the scraber

  • Me in my room sisting down on my best chair

  • When I was 1 years old I crawled and talked

  • My first turn on a moterbike

  • I got locked into the washing mishen

  • Driving in the bumber cars by my self

  • My first step when I was 2

  • Got my first hear

  • My big sister ditched me at daycare for school

  • Having my bath with a ballon

  • I was eating and my yogurt splated over my face

  • I went to auzzy for the first time

  • when I was 5 years old I went to school

  • When I was 6 years old I went back to Auzzy

  • My cake

    My cake
    When It was my birthday I had a YUMMY cake it was delicous.I love my cake
  • when I was 7 years old I did hip hop and gymnastics and soccer

  • Soccer (under 11) reps

    I made it into the "11" rep team for soccer.I love soccer i have played it when i first started school
  • Kapa haka

    Kapa haka
    went to whangarei for te kura o awapuni and joined squash and for kapa haka we came 10th and that was really good. I hope we get onther group for kapa haka
  • Sun smart bracelet

    Sun smart bracelet
  • I am at awapuni and I am a year 5

    I am at awapuni and I am a year 5
  • Transit of venus

    We all went out side and we looked at the sun and we sore the transi of venus