kaden's timeline

By kadenw
  • my parents got married

    Ny parents got married at bowling green Ohio in March 6 1994.
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    kaden's timeline

  • date of birth

    date of birth
    i was was born august 2 2000 in Jefferson hospital. I was the first out of four other sibblings so it was a very exiting experience for me and my parents.i turned out to be an average sized baby.I got my name because Kaden means spirit of fighter because my dad is a Sifu (witch means Kung Fu teacher)
  • 9/11

    this horrible event was perfomed by al Queda a terrorist group led by O'sama bin laden. the group hijacked four passenger jets and crashed into the two twin towers located in New York city.
  • My first sibbling

    My first sibbling
    my first sibliing,Cypress was also born in Jefferson hospital.when my brother was born I was only three years old and not old enough to understand what was going on.cypress turned out to be a very big baby weighing in at almost 10 pounds.
  • Raven's birth

    Raven's birth
    Raven was my second sibling and by that time I was four and cypress was only 1.I was very excited because I was going to be the oldest brother out of three therefor I had the greatest responsibility out of the three of us.
  • my first day at ics

    At the age of 6,is when I first attended Independence charter school.It was my first day being united with other kids besides pre-school and my brothers so Iwas a little nervous
  • Obamas election

    Obamas election
    Obama was officially elected November 2008 defeating republican presidental candidate John McCain.He is the 44th first black president.
  • Vega's birth

    Vega's birth
    Vega's birth was very important to us because she was the only sister out of three brothers so of course she was going to be spoiled.