JW - French Revolution

By jpsw5
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath was when the doors were locked with only the Third Estate in and they made an Oath stating, "not to separate, and to reassemble wherever circumstances require, until the constitution of the kingdom is established"
  • Storming of the Bastille

    People of France went into the Bastille which was a medival prison in Paris. They went into it for gunpowder.
  • Declaration of Rights of Man

    The Declaration of Rights of Man was when every man was equal during the French Revolution. This was important because no man was above power than any other man.
  • March to Versailles

    A group of violent women marched to where the King and Queen were at and demanded more bread for their children and such. Bread was the main diet for French people.
  • Attacks on prisons

    There were thousands of people in the prisons due to following the King and agreeing in what he believes in. The people of France barged into the prisons and killed everyone in it.
  • Louis Trial

    The trial of the King of France. He was sentenced to death because he was a traitor to his counrty. He left in the middle of the night to escape from his people.
  • Robespierre comes to power

    Robespierre was a man who wanted all men to be equal and for their to be no Kings or Queens. But, after that was done, he took power of France.
  • Robespierre killed

    He was killed due to breaking serveral laws and being a dictator in France. He was the start of the revolution and created lots of deaths and massacres in France. Robespierre was beheaded with the National Razor.