Justine Jose AVID Memoir Timeline

Timeline created by j.jose07
  • Started Kindergarten

    Kindergarten was a big step for me. I met new people and I was in a new city. My teacher was very kind, but I struggled really hard to socialize and collaborate with other students. I made a friend named "Adrian" and he helped me talk to other kids. He wasn't the best or smartest kid in my grade, but he helped me get out of my comfort zone and meet new kids.
  • Starting Kindergarten

    I was very nervous when starting kindergarten. I was new to the city and I didn't really know how to socialize easily. But some students and teachers helped me on my journey. I met a kid named Adrian and he helped me a lot. Although he was a really bad kid and didn't do most of his work, he helped me become more outgoing and fun with other kids in my grade.
  • Old Friend

    When I was in 1st or 2nd grade, I struggle really hard to socialize with people in my class. I didn't know how to make good jokes or know how to talk to people. But then, my teacher assigned me to be partners with this kid. Let's call him, Cameron. Cameron was a really kind kid. He knew how to make kids laugh and he was really smart. He also became my best friend. We would spend time at recess together all the time and played soccer in the field. But there was one day he left to get homeschool.
  • Old Friend

    I was in 1st or 2nd grade when I had a real best friend. His name was Cameron. And what I mean by "real", is that he stook with me throughout the years of 1st and 2nd grade. He helped me, even more, to socialize and become kinder to other kids. He was a better influence on me than my previous friends, and we had the same interests. We would play soccer in the field, and sometimes even read during recess. It was all well, until one day. He left to become homeschooled.
  • Promotion

    I was in 5th grade, soon to be in 6th grade. I was a really joyful and outgoing kid, so 5th grade was one of the most memorable years. At the end of the school year, my school held a private pool party for the 5th-grade promotion. We all got to go swimming if we brought money and so I was able to go. The promotion was amazing and the pool party was super fun. I had so many memories hanging out with my friends, and this is one of the best ones.
  • Promotion

    I was in 5th grade soon to be in 6th grade. I learned more to be more outgoing so 5th grade was very memorable. The teachers and staff at my primary school held a private pool party for the 5th graders. It was really fun and such a memorable moment. I was hanging out and spending time with my friends and having fun. And that is why this event was so memorable and special to me.
  • Pets

    I was around 10 or 11 years old at this time. When coming home from school, my dad told me to go to my room for a surprise. I saw a medium-sized box and opened it. I then saw 2 rabbits together playing around. I've never been so happy in my life. I loved those 2 rabbits with my entire heart. So then I took the job of raising them and helping them grow. These moments were significant because I learned how to become responsible for things.
  • Strings

    I was in 5th grade at the time and I was in strings for music. I played the cello and loved the instrument a lot. There was a concert that we had to perform in. The concert started and our orchestra started playing. After playing a few songs, we finally had to end with one more song. I was super nervous for this one since I had a harmony part for it. When we performed it, I messed up really bad. But I didn't give up and kept going. In this event, I learned to not give up when we messed up.
  • Science Fair

    I was homeschooled from January 2019 to June 2019. My homeschool held a Science Fair in Napa and I went in and joined in. I met tons of kids at the Science Fair and became friends with some. My project was about the hazards of smoking and why we should stop. After my turn of presenting, my classmates went and presented. When the science fair ended, they announced the winner. I was surprised I won since it was my first year. But this memory was very special and memorable to me.