Justice Montina Period 5

  • My Birthday

    I was born in Bartow, Florida, I was 8 pounds and 7 onces and I was born 7:35 at night. My Birthday is on New Years and I get double the presents.
  • Period: to

    Justice Montina Period 5

  • I was biten by a dog;Poodle

    This is not a good moment because I will have a scare on my lip forever.
  • Little brother was born.

    He is the baby of the family,Nicholas Montina.
  • First Bike

    It was green with black writing.
  • First dog

    His Name was sausesie and he was a dotson.
  • I learned how to swim.

    My Nana tought me.
  • Jaylen was Born

    Jaylen is my favorite newphue;He is such a big goof ball!
  • I lost my dog;Princess

    We found her three days later but we were still all scared.
  • Jerimihya Was Boren.

    Jerimihya Is My sister Jessica's baby,He's about seven months now.
  • First Day Of Highschool

    First year of highschool,I'm a freshmen!