Journey of my life

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    Journey of my life

  • My fifth birthday

    Celebrating my fifth birthday with the less priveliged.Giving back to society.It is very significant because this party of mine was celebrated orphans and I still fell bad for them but I am happy that at such a low age I made 60 children happy.
  • When my sister was born

    When my sister was born
    I was 7 years old when my sister was born .For me it significant because I started feeling like a big sister and now because of her I never feel bored.
  • My tenth birhday

    My tenth birthday was with my school friends and condo friends.Its is a significant event because it was a suprise birthday party
  • Moving to Singapore

    Moving to Singapore
    My dad got a tranfer to Singapore and I felt really very nervous.But it is significant for me because it was a very new journey and a learning curve for me.
  • Getting new friends

    Getting new friends
    Getting new friends is a good communication and you understand each other
  • A new born brother

    A new born brother
    I had my first brother and I was very exited as I was gonna have a baby brother.
  • My sister's first writing

    My sister's first writing
    It is significant because I taught my sister how to write