• My birthday in history

    USA hostage, Jesse Turner was released in Beirut after 5 years of being held captive. [negitive10]
  • My Parents Marrage

    My parents got married outside and rode away in a horse and buggy. They were married where 4 generations of my family have gotten married before. [negitive8]
  • Our home

    My parents moved into the home that we still live in today. The house is almost 100 years old, but it has been remodeled. [negitive7]
  • My sister is born

    My sister was born at 11:28 AM, April 22 1999 at Wilson Memorial Hospital. Her name is Allyson. [negitive2]
  • A miracle happened

    My mom found out that she was pregnant with me, only 6 weeks weeks after having lost a baby. She went to church about a week later and prayed and God told her that I would be a boy and told her what to name me. [negitive1]
  • I was born

    I was born at Wilson Memorial Hospital at 8:12am. When they brought me to my mom, she held me for almost 3 hours before letting someone else. She said that I was the prettiest baby that she had ever seen and that I looked like i was thinking very hard about something. [negitive0]
  • My eye surgery.

    I had surgery on both of my eyes to help my vision because I was almost legally blind and my eye muscles weren't straight. They had to actually cut the white part of my eyes and cut and move the muscles. My eyes were very, very red for 2 weeks after I had it. [positive3]
  • I had Scarlet Fever

    I can remember when my mom touched me when i was laying on the couch. She freaked out because I felt so hot and I was covered in a rash with bumps all over me. She took my temperature and it was over 104. She rushed me to the hospital and they told her that I had Scarlet Fever. I had to go to the emergency five times before my fever went away and i could eat. [positive6]
  • I graduated from speech therapy

    When I was little, no one could understand me and my mom put me in therapy with a speech teacher. I was supposed to stay in the program for 4 or 5 years, but I did so well that I only stayed for 2 years. The day that I finished for good, I can remember how happy my mom was and how proud we both were. i only in first grade when i finished. [positive7]
  • My birthday in history

    Fourty two people are killed over a bom attact in 2009 at the location of southeast of ian.Maney people are arrested over this event. Including people that were members of the Reverlutionary guard system. [positive8]
  • I had surgery again

    According to my mom, my tonsils were too big and had to be removed for me to breathe right. My sister and I had it done on the same day, and she made me go first. I remeber inhaling something that made me go to sleep and i woke up with a sore throat and it was hard to swallow for a whole week. [positive9]