Joshua Hidalgos life

  • Birth day

    I was born at my grandmothers house. And I was given a lot of presents. And my parents have a birth tree.
  • My sisters birth.

    She was born at home and. She played with me alot when we where little. Also we used to be very Quiet.
  • Davids birth

    My brother was born and. He was annoying and still is. also he was born at home and had issues with the sun.
  • home school

    We started home school when i was very little. and I went to school for the first time. In south dakota at McCookcentrel.
  • My sister chananiah is born

    My sister Chananiah was born and I was. Able to help her with some stuff unlike samanth or david. Also she was a very sleepy baby.
  • Went to beach when.

    I went to Miami beach and got. To swim around and almost got. Pushed out to the ocean. And went to build a sand castle.
  • I went to school for second grade and so forth

    I went to school and did not want to. Go because I wanted to stay home and learn with my mom. Also another reason that I didn't want to go was because i didn't know anyone.
  • Moving to south dakota

    We moved to south Dakota with my. Grand mother and my uncle because my dad. Didn't want to seperate the family. And my brother davids problem.
  • My brother luis

    My brother luis was born at a hospital because. My mom was scared about what might happen. And he is four right now.
  • water park

    Iwent to a water park in Soux falls and. Some one was kicked out of the water park for. Violence and My brothers where getting in abit of trouble.
  • Great grandmother

    My Great grand mother died and I. Went to AR to go to her funeral. And my grand mother was very sad.
  • todays computer class 1st day

    First day of computers. When we are learning about this. Website also we are learning about time lines.