joshs amazing timeline

  • born

    born at ipswich hospital : Established in 1860. The founder of the Ipswich hospital was DR Gerry Fitzgerald. The Hospital underwent major redevelopment in 1999-2000.In 2006, the Queensland Government announced a further expansion of Ipswich Hospital with an additional 84 beds at a cost of $122 million.
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    joshs timeline

  • little brother was born

    my brother was born when i was 4. his name is ryan north, he is 12 years old now. goes to my old primary karalee state school. he will be coming to st peter claver next year.
  • started primary school

    started primary school
    i started primary school at karalee state school. it was about 5 mintues away from where i live. i would sometimes ride my bike to school with my mates that lived near me. i never moved schools before. i was the house captian for my house summerville.
  • got my first motorbike

    got my first motorbike
    when i was 9 my dad brought home a little pw80. i would always ride around the house. he took me to a motorbike park for the first time. about 1 hour into riding i crashed and the bike wouldnt start anymore.
  • broke my arm and collarbone

    broke my arm and collarbone
    i broke my arm and colerbone riding my motor bike. i was going around a track and there was this rock and i hit that and went over the bars. i had to go to the hospital and get my arm plasterd.
  • started high school

    started high school
    i started grade 8 at st peter claver college and im still here 3 years later.its great high school lovely teachers and students. my little brother will be starting here next year.
  • went on a cruise

    went on a cruise
    i went on a cruise with my mum and little brother. it was a p&o cruise ship. it started at brisbane and we sailed up to cairns and stopped at all these other spots. theres was so much to do on the ship. i met a group of kids my age and we hung out most of the time, when we stopped at port douglas we went on a helicopter ride around port douglas. it was a really good time