josh richburg period 5

Timeline created by joshuarichburg
  • my birthday!

    I was born at lakeland regional
  • Won my first motocross race

    i remember it was at dade city and every one of my family members were there.
  • First time i pitched in baseball

    i was on major league at highland city park
  • First time i cought

    i had blue catchers gear on and i was the only catcher.
  • Got my first cr 125 dirtbike

    Got my first cr 125 dirtbike
    It was red with monster graphics on it.
  • Went to Colorado

    That was my first time on a plane and my first major trip.
  • First time i saw snow

    Went to colorado and that was also my first time snowboarding.
  • Broke my leg!

    I remember because when i came back to school everyone signed it and i also broke my tibula and my fibula
  • Body By Vi!

    With Mrs. B, Mrs. J, and Mrs. Lang they are all selling it too!
  • First truck!

    My charcoal colored chevy silverado!!
  • Period: to

    josh richburg period 5