jordan's timeline

  • Period: to

    when i was frist born

    The first year i started preschool and met a whole bunch of new people
  • first family vaction

    my frist vacation with my family to las vages to go see my grandparents that live there , and did alot of fun thing for my firsty time there .
  • first dog

    when my brother got a dog for the family and we name her crombie and till this day we still have her .
  • Birthday

    My first birthday party with family and friends .
  • justin bieber concert

    my first concert i ever went to with friends , and had a amazing time meeting justin bieber .
  • Vacation

    going to holland michgan with all of my family from italy .
  • first day of middle school

    first day of middle school meeting new people and see all of your friends again from summer.
  • Making new friends

    first week of middle school and meeting alot of new friends that i have till this day .
  • Track

    My first time doing track in middle school with all my friends ,
  • cedar point

    the first time i went to cedar point with my family and had a goood time and bonding with family on 4 july .
  • moving

    when i moved house with my family at the end of 8th grade into a house with a pool and by some of my friends .
  • Period: to

    first year of high school

    My frist year of high and learn alot of new things .