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  • 7.2 Exosystem

    7.2 Exosystem
    When my mom was a child she had a bad experience with a dog. At the park one day a big black dog jumped one her. Ever since that day she has had this fear of dogs. So growing up, my mom always kept me away from all dogs and got scared when one was around. This affected my perception of dogs so growing up I began to develop a small fear of dogs. Now my brother has a black lab and I am much more comfortable around dogs, but the exosystem defitely trickled down and affected me for a while.
  • 1.1 Birth

    1.1 Birth
    My birth was simple and uninteresting. No problems or crazy stories except my mom, my brother, and I were all born in the month of April within 9 days of eachother.
  • 2.1 Passive Gene Environment Correlation

    2.1 Passive Gene Environment Correlation
    Both of my parents are very athletic and interested in watching sporting events. I was passed down the athletic gene and then was exposed an early environment where sports were important. Not only was I biologically inclined to play sports, my environment was set up to where I had no choice. My parents loved sports so I was destined to love sports.
  • 2.4 APGAR

    2.4 APGAR
    To me it seemed that Nicolai was a very healthy baby. He got that first gasp of air and then began crying which is a good sign. He cried a lot and this means that on the respiratory effort as well as the reflex responsivity he would have got a 2. He had very active motion with his arms and legs so a 2 for muscle tone. The nurse checked the heart rate and said all good, so I assume a 2 for that as well. I think his feet and hands may have been a little blue so maybe a 1 on the color vital sign.
  • 6.1 Basic Emotions

    6.1 Basic Emotions
    I cried when I was cold displaying an emotion of distress. This emotion served the adaptive function of helping me to live by my parents come putting the blanket back on top of me when I was cold. I would cry, they would come in and feel me and recognize I was cold and had thrown off my blanket when moving around(I moved a lot when I slept), then satisfy my need by covering me up.
  • 4.2 First Word

    4.2 First Word
    My first word was "ball." It began more as "ba", a phoneme, which eventually became a dynamic nominal when I began seeing my favorite red ball and calling it that(morpheme-the meaning I attached to it). I definitely overextended that word calling everything that was spherical shaped a ball for a long time. I then came to understand that only certain things were called balls, other things were balloons and fruit.
  • 8.1 Children and Television

    8.1 Children and Television
    I was a huge fan of Snoopy growing up. I watched the show or a movie every day and I enjoyed them because they were easy to understand and very visually satisfying for me. I understood Snoopy and how he was funny. There was one episode where Charlie Brown goes to the farm where Snoopy lived before and all of Snoopy's siblings are there. I was unable to grasp the idea at the time of fiction and constantly bothered my mom to take me to the farm so I could get a dog like Snoopy.
  • 2.2 Active Gene Environment Correlation

    2.2 Active Gene Environment Correlation
    I was born with althletic ability so growing up I seeked friends and environments filled with athletics. It is this portion of my development that lead to me actually do something with sports. So I was born with abilities and an interest and because of this I seeked out other environments where there were children playing sports and doing other things I enjoyed.
  • 6.2 Self-Control

    6.2 Self-Control
    I remember every year when Christmas came around the same thing happened. My mom would wrap the presents and put them under the Christmas tree. One year I peeled back the edge on one and saw what it was; I was ashamed of myself so I gave it to her and turned myself in. I did not display self-regulation; and I definitely didn't display delay of gratification. I had the internalization of emotions so I was begining to display self-control.
  • 5.1 Kholberg & Gender

    5.1 Kholberg & Gender
    She becomes less focused as the video progresses. The first few minutes she got just about every one right. I would say she is definitely over 3 maybe closer to 4 or 5. She displays her ability of gender identity by answering most of the questions righ; gender stability can't necessarily be seen in this video aside from the range of ages being asked. So that's why I think she's closer to 4.
  • 7.1 Parenting Strategies

    7.1 Parenting Strategies
    My mom told me that I displayed a lot of committed compliance, I responded to her requests quickly. She said I was always such as good kid so she rarely felt that by behavior was malicious so she didn't lash out or get aggressive becaue most of the time I did something bad it was an accident. If I did do something bad, she had a strong efficacy and she could get me to stop doing whatever it was. Sometimes I viewed my moms actions as unfair, but in the long run I understood that they helped me.
  • 4.1 Memory

    4.1 Memory
    The first memory that I truly remember was the day I was at the park with an older kid. He was hitting a baseball; one time he reared back and connected with my face on accident. I recall my mom picking me up and rushing me to the hospital where I had to get very painful stiches. I thnk the theory that explains why I remember is that my emerging verbal skills allowed me to retell the story thus remember the story. I was asked numerous times what happened to me and I retold the story each time.
  • 5.2 Encouraging Gender Schemas

    5.2 Encouraging Gender Schemas
    One thing I can remember is playing games that were boys vs. girls. That creates the idea that gender is mutually exclusive and dichotomous. Gender was definitely signaled by perceptual cues such as pink name tags for girls and blue ones for boys. The teacher created these games and name tags so that is a way she encouraged these schemas. Also, in more general terms, I have always remembered going out to recess and the teacher handing a boy the football. Creating a gender schema for football.
  • 2.3 Evocative Gene Environment Correlation

    2.3 Evocative Gene Environment Correlation
    At the age of five I decided I wanted to play guitar. I saw my brother do it a little bit and decided it was for me. As a response to that my parents bought me my first guitar and signed me up for lessons. Now I can't remember a time when I didn't play the guitar. It is a huge part of who I am and I am thankful for my parents reacting to my wants and getting me involved in this amazing hobby. I think there is some sense of inborn interest in music as well.
  • 8.2 School Transitions

    8.2 School Transitions
    This smile would not last long on my first day of school. I was happy until I learned my mom had to leave and I began crying. I had formed a secure attachment with her. Contrary to the text, this didn't set the tone for my later academic development. I had my cousin and best friend in my class which helped me to adjust to the new situation and once I was comfortable I began excelling. I did have a good relationship with my teacher and this did help me through my first school year.
  • 3.1 Preoperational Magnetism

    3.1 Preoperational Magnetism
    Teaching a child in this stage about magnetism is tough. If to toys are together and you let go, they fall apart. Because of their egocentric mind set, I think the best way to teach them is to simply let them explore for themselves. Give them toys with + and - signs and another with corresponding +/- sign on each end and make the two sides that are opposite stick together. This will make them put those two sides together if they want them to stick together after practice.
  • 3.2 Concrete Magnetism

    3.2 Concrete Magnetism
    Now that the child can understand operations such as reversability and conservation tasks and they are less egocentric, it makes the process easier. So for starters it is easier to begin to teach the child about magnetism with him understanding his perception is different. He now understands that when we reverse the order, it doesn't stick and that we can do this over and over again and the outcome won't change.
  • 7.4 Friendship

    7.4 Friendship
    My best friend was also my cousin. We were friends since preschool when we participated in sports together; which was the initial reason we became friends(similar interests). As we grew up I spent more time with him sometimes than I did with my parents. There was no intimacy even as we grew older, it was all about sports. Our friendship definitely helped me to cooperate, compete and resolve disagreements. If I thought the ball went foul and he didn't, we would work it out respectfully.
  • 1.3 Methods

    1.3 Methods
    I feel that age 8 would be a good time to get some data from a child because I feel they can understand and respond well at that age. Gender role attitudes is the topic. I would use a self observe approach where kids would choose what they want to play with out of a box of toys. I think this would give a vast amount of information about the topic.This strategy is easy to understand and there is no need to shift the power balance because ideally the child wouldn't know the researcher was present.
  • 7.3 Crowds and Cliques

    7.3 Crowds and Cliques
    Clique- I remember being in junior high and hanging out with the same group of 4-5 kids every single day. They influenced of my interests/hobbies.
    Crowd- high school was an example of being in a crowd. I was probably a member of different crowds. I hung out with the jocks. I also was in AP classes so I often was with the brains. I played music so I was a part of that crowd. Due to this diversity I was less influenced in high school by one specific crowd.
    It felt nice to be a part of something.
  • 3.3 Imaginary Audience

    3.3 Imaginary Audience
    I experienced this imaginary audience in high school about my freshman year. Instead of being afraid to answer in fear of feeling "dumb" I often times didn't answer because for some reson I felt that it was not "cool" to know answers to questions. And I thought the "cool" people in class would think I was "cool" if I didn't answer. I have no clue what my thought process was at that time but I definitely grew out of it and looking back I understand how silly it was.
  • 1.2 Theories

    1.2 Theories
    Quitting competitive golf may seem like an irrelevant thing to most, but it was much more than just quitting golf, it was leaving so much behind. Coaches wanting me to go pro and a friend's jealousy. By giving it up it created a different me in which I stopped caring about what other people thought. I think Erikson would have some strong feelings about this event. He would recognize this event would have an affect on me forever. I also resolved some of the emotional challenges he discusses.
  • 6.3 Foreclosure

    6.3 Foreclosure
    A time when I was in the foreclosure stage of identity vs. role confusion was when I was thinkin about my career at UOP. I had been told that being a physical therapist was a great job. I knew it was well paid and Pacific had a great program for it. I was committed most of my Senior year that I was going to go to UOP and become a physical therapist. I had not explored any other possibilities at all and I was set that was my choice.
  • 6.4 Moratorium

    6.4 Moratorium
    The summer before I was to begin college I began to look into physical therapy. I learned that PT's had to acquire a doctorate(8 years). And there were a lot of sciences I wasn't exactly interested in. I began exploring different possibilities in search of the "right" answer. When I found engineering and reached an achieved stage(Loved math and physics). Then I went back into the moratorium stage of figure out which type of engineering. I was there for a rather long time.