Johan's Identity Timeline

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  • Date of Birth (Memento)

    Date of Birth (Memento)
    On this day, I was born in a hospital somewhere in Chicago; while the exact details of my birth are not exact, I can assume that I was born healthy with little complications.
  • My Parent's Separation (Memento)

    My Parent's Separation (Memento)
    The year 2006 is when my parents separated, leaving me in the custody of my mom and seeing my dad on weekends. At the time, I was too young to really feel conflicted emotionally, but my parents' separation will later impact me and shape me into the person I am today.
  • First Day of Kindergarten (Memento)

    First Day of Kindergarten (Memento)
    My first day of Kindergarten was the kick start to my academic and social career. I started off my first day really shy, not being social at all nor making very many friends; I would see this trend continue throughout my years at school.
  • My move to Portage Park (Memento)

    My move to Portage Park (Memento)
    This was the day I moved from Humboldt Park tot he Portage park area. I remember the first night sleeping in the new house I had to sleep on a mattress with my older brother, since everything was not unpacked. I had moved there with all of my mom's family. It was a two story house, so we all separated by house level. I had m own room, and a decently sized backyard.
  • My New School (Memento)

    My New School (Memento)
    This was my first day of 3rd Grade at my new school. I remember feeling very anxious and nervous; being the new kid at an unfamiliar school was nerve-wracking. I asked a random teacher to assist me to my classroom as I did not know where it was.
  • My First Friend (Attribute)

    My First Friend (Attribute)
    My first real friend at my new school was a kid named Benjamin. He was the only kid I talked to, and I wanted to ask him if he would be my friend. I felt nervous asking him, as I did not know to really establish a friendship and did not have many friends. I asked him if he wanted to be my friend, to which he replied "we are already friends johan". I remember feeling so relived, however this event shows how reserved and timid I am, yet somehow sociable.
  • My First F (Memento)

    My First F (Memento)
    In the 5th grade, I took a test on a piece of literature we were reading in class. I did not study for the test due to negligence, I did not think much of the test and had the impression that I would get about a B on it like usual. The next day my teacher called me up to her desk and showed me my grade. As soon as I saw that F my heart dropped. I was confused and scared that I had gotten an F on a test for the first time. From that point on, I decided to study more often for my tests.
  • My First Tablet (Attribute)

    My First Tablet (Attribute)
    On Christmas 2015, I got my first tablet. It doesn't sound too important, however it was my first catalyst to the internet. With this tablet, I got to open my first social media accounts and music apps, which helped to prompt my artistic and inquirer traits.
  • My 8th Grade Graduation (Memento)

    My 8th Grade Graduation (Memento)
    My 8th graduation was somewhat memorable experience, nothing really made it feel special to me. The only reason this experience was memorable, is because when I was supposed to joyful and accomplished, I felt really nothing about it, which is odd to me now. I felt nothing rather than being ecstatic that I was leaving middle school and transitioning into high school. Weird right?
  • After 8th Grade Graduation (Attribute)

    After 8th Grade Graduation (Attribute)
    After graduation, I had to do a lot during my summer before Freshmen year. I had to work with my dad, go to my boxing practices, and work on my IB Summer work all throughout the summer. I developed my thinker/tactical traits, as I had to plan out my daily summer schedule in order to manage all of my responsibilities and work.
  • My First AP Class (Attribute)

    My First AP Class (Attribute)
    My school life in 8th grade was a more easygoing and fun experience. But when I got my first AP class and was presented with a challenge, is when I began to lock down and apply myself. It is here when I became a more studious and serious student.
  • My First Cruise (Memento)

    My First Cruise (Memento)
    I went on a cruise for three days to the Bahamas. It was a fun cruise, as I had a new friend there with me. However this cruise was life changing, not because it was amazing and fun, but because I realized some social aspects of life that I had yet to learn. To keep it short, most of the teenagers I came into contact with, where from different parts of the U.S; it was here that I realized that when taken away from the people they know, people drop their norms and move carelessly with no caution.
  • My First Party (Memento)

    My First Party (Memento)
    I remember one night going to my friends birthday party, which was more of a party than a mild gathering. It was a Hispanic party, and at the time I had no idea how to dance to the music they were playing, and I found myself sitting down solemnly throughout the party while everyone else was dancing. This experience was what prompted to learn how to dance, as well as join Taft's Latin Dance Club.
  • My First Day of Latin Dance Club

    My First Day of Latin Dance Club
    I remember when I got accepted into the Latin Dance Club here at Taft, I made it a mission to overcome my shyness and to be more outgoing during practices. I wanted to be more sociable as to make more friends and build relationships, which is important for high school.
  • My First Time Doing My Laundry (Attribute)

    My First Time Doing My Laundry (Attribute)
    This past summer is when I started becoming more independent. My dad told me to learn how to do my laundry, I looked up on YouTube on how to do laundry. Self-taught, I did my very first load of laundry, and felt proud of myself for doing it all on my own.
  • My First Job (Attribute)

    My First Job (Attribute)
    My first job was at After School Matters, which is where I worked in Mosaic Arts. Working here really allowed me to bring out my creative and artist traits, as I had the freedom to do mosaics however I wanted to.
  • My First Check (Memento)

    My First Check (Memento)
    After working at my After School Matters job for a few weeks, I finally got my first ever paycheck for about $141. I had never felt so accomplished or responsible in my life, I decided to cash the check and tape it onto my wall.
  • My PPS Collage (Attribute)

    My PPS Collage (Attribute)
    When was assigned a collage for my PPS class, I made sure to be as expressive and thoughtful as I could when designing it. I'm glad I did this assignment, as it brought out the more creative aspects of my mind.
  • Caring (Attribute)

    Caring (Attribute)
    One day on the bus home, my friend told me how their significant other had passed away. Noticing that my friend was hurt, I tried my best to comfort them and assure them that everything will be fine. I usually find myself being the one who my friends confide to in their time of need, and me being there for them shows my caring side.
  • Crate and Barrel Field trip (Attribute/Memento)

    Crate and Barrel Field trip (Attribute/Memento)
    Recently I took a field trip to Crate&Barrel. It was at this field trip that I planned my entire business plan. Something just sparked and ideas flooded my head. I got home and wrote down many things about my business, bringing out my focused and ambitious traits.