Joel's Timeline About Life

  • Aaron's Birthday

    My older brother Aaron was born on the 22nd of August 1996
  • Joel was born

    i was born on the 21st of April 2000
  • Period: to

    Joel's Life

  • My Sister Danielle's Birthday

    My sister was born on the 15th of february 2003
  • Joel's first day at kindergarten

    Today I started my first day at kindergarten
  • Joel's first day of school

    Joel's first day of school
    I started school on Thursday 21st April 2005
  • My 5th birthday

    Today i turned 5 years old.This was an important milestone in my life
  • Joel's First time riding a bike

    Joel's First time riding a bike
    Today I rode my bike for the first time
  • 1st day at cubs

    1st day at cubs
    Today I started cubs with my friend Jarod
  • Joel Won First Award

  • My 10th Birthday

    My 10th Birthday
    Today I turned 10 years old.Another important milestone
  • Last Day Of Primary

    Today I finished primary.I was happy to go but i will miss my old friends
  • Joel's first day of intermediate

    Today I am starting a brand new school.Bucklands beach Intermediate