Jill's Technology Life

Timeline created by jill.rucker
  • Record player and 8-Track

    Record player and 8-Track
    I got a record player and 8-track with two big box speakers.. I probably only had 2-3 records and 4-5 8 tracks that were hand-me-downs. I thought I was so cool.
  • Big Deal Typewriter

    Big Deal Typewriter
    My sister gave me her old typewriter when she got a new one. My friend and I would sit next to each other and type notes to one another. It was the beginning of texting.
  • First home computer

    First home computer
    My parents bought an IBM computer with dot matrix printer. My parents didn't really know how to use it. It was up to me and my brother to figure it out.
  • School Computer

    School Computer
    Mrs. Francis Larsen was my typing teacher. Springville High had two brand new computers. When I told her my parents had just bought a computer, she let me work on the computer while everyone else was still on the type writer.
  • Boom Box

    Boom Box
    All I wanted for Christmas was a HUGE boombox. I remember carrying it on my shoulder thinking I was so cool. I got it as a child-I still had it when I got married. My husband used it in the garage for years.
  • First year of teaching

    First year of  teaching
    I started in 1994. There was always a line at the mimeograph machine. I only had a few of the purple thingies. I didn't use it very much but I do remember it.
  • Cell phone

    Cell phone
    I got a phone from the district. I remember going to a conference in TX and not being able to use it because I didn't want to pay for roaming charges.
  • Blackberry

    Once again the district bought me a Blackberry. I remember using the stylus to write messages. Then we figured out we could beam things around the room. Dwight Liddiard was the worst at sending funny things and getting us off task.
  • Laptop TopDog

    Laptop TopDog
    Susan Cloward was the only instructional coach who had a laptop. When she retired, Debbie said I could have it. I thought I was all that and a bag of chips. It weighed a ton and was so slow but I loved it
  • iPhone 4

    iPhone 4
    I had a flip phone for the longest time. Then the district said they would buy us i phones. I was so excited. Being able to surf the web on my phone was the best. And having the district pay for everything was a dream.