Jessica's Timeline- Developmental Psychology

  • Mom and Dad decide to have their first child

    My mother and father wanted to start a family
  • Mother becomes pregnent

    After a year of trying, my mother becomes pregnant through natural insimenation with my father.
  • Mother begins to stop her unhealthy habits

    My mother decides to stop smoking and drinking and is conscioulsy aware of her eating habits
  • Mother goes into labor after the due date

    My mother went into labor 8 days after her orignial due date. I was born at 7:30 am on June 16th 1989
  • Labor complications

    After around 9 hours of being in labor my mother said that I had stopped breathing and doctors immediatly swormed around her to speed up the labor process
  • Mother began to breastfeed

    mother began to breast feed the day I was born to help build immunity and to load my body up witth plenty of vitamins and minerals.
  • Sleeping consumes the most throughout the next few weeks

    My mother told me that most of the day was sleeping. This was crucial for normal brain development
  • Starts to use my senses and moter skills

    begins looking, observing, reaching and touching and grabing
  • Doubles my birth weight

    double my birth weight and weighed around 16 lbs.
  • Mother becomes pregnant with second child

    My mother becomes pregnant very easily and quickly with her second child
  • start to become more interactive

    This is when my moter skills were enhancing and I began to use my arms and hands to make gestures and smiled when my family would play with me
  • began to crawl

    I began to use my legs and arms to crawl.
  • began to walk alone

    On this day I began to walk well unassisted.
  • My brother was born

    My mom delivered a baby boy as her second child.
  • interacts with my brother

    begins to touch and mummble and say a few words to my brother.
  • begins to play and run around with my borther

    My brother and I began to play with toys and games with each other.
  • became very mischievous

    Around two and three years old, my mother told me that I became very playful but I tested her limits and used the "trial and error" method alot.
  • First day at preschool

    First day at Jackson preschool. This is where I made played with friends and learned new things while my mom was at work.
  • Brother and I began to disagree about things.

    The relationship between my brother and I was not as close as when we were toddlers. He made his own friends and I made my own friends. We did not get along as much and we would fight over toys and other valuable things at the time. My mother would always make us say sorry and hug when we used to fight.
  • First day of kindergarten

    My mother always told me that I grew up to fast and before she knew it I was already an elementary student and Kennedy Elementary.
  • began to play sports

    My mom signed my brother and I up to play baseball on a co-ed team. We played every week throughout the summer and made lots of friends.
  • became an honer roll student and was very involved in school

    When I reached middle school I made it on the honer roll my frist year at Riley middle school and my mom was very proud. I also played basketball and vollyball through 7th and 8th grade, and helped out and worked with the staff in the main office.
  • My first boyfriend

    In 8th grade I had my first boyfirend. We held hands down the hallways at school and ate lunch together. Once in a while his mom would drop him off at my house and we would go for walks and do fun things like shoot hoops or go swimming.
  • My first homecomming

    My first year of highschool I went to my first homecomming with my brothers older friend. Later we became boyfriend and girlfriend and it was a very negative relationship and I learned that being in a verbally abusive and controlling relationship was not healthy and I ended it after 6 months of us dating.
  • My first job

    as soon as I was able to work my mom took me around to fill out applications. I recieved my frist job that day and began working at Livonia Red Robin as a hostess. I ended up working there for 4.5 years and left as a server to find another serving job at another resturant.
  • My first car accident

    I was involved in my first car accident when I was 16. My friend was driving and he ran a red light and a car side-swiped us on the passenger side door. Luckly, there were no apparent injuries and everyone was ok. I was shaken up, afraid, and shocked when it happend.
  • Highschool Graduation!

    I was a happy student that graduated and moved onto a community college to begin my teen to adult transition in life.
  • My second car accident

    I was driving home from a friends house late at night. I was in a area that I was unfimiliar with. When I realized that I needed to turn around I got into the left hand turn lane and a car hit me head on. My car spun around, luckly their was not much traffic otherwise I would have probably hit somebody. Later on, cops found out that their was an open bottle of liquor in her van and she fled from the sceen. I left with minor injuries.
  • First serious relationship

    My first serious relationship began Jan. 7th 2008. We meet offically a few months before and began dating late November and througout December.
  • began to eat healthier and focus on my healthy lifestyle

    I realized that staying physically fit and eating better was important for me so I began to make healthier eating choices such as protein and vegetables. I also joined fitness 19 and started lifting weights and using cardio machines.
  • first two years of college

    My first two years of college were not my priority. My grades were not good and I put my friends and work first before homework and going to class. Unfortunatly I had to retake a couple of classes to help bring up my GPA.
  • College grades improved drastically!

    This year my prioritys changed and I had realized how important it was to focus on school and put my best foot foward. After putting lots of effort in school my grades went up!. I began to love school and looked foward into goinig, esspectially math and science classes. This also was the time that I realized I wanted to go into nursing :)
  • Acceptance letter to Mercy College!

    around march 15th I found out that I was accepted to Mercy's RN associates degree program for fall 2011!. I was jumping with joy knwoing that my life is finally coming together :)
  • frist year of nursing school

    First year transitioning into a new school and new program I was nervous but excited and ready to learn!
  • I was propesed to

    with my first serious relationship still continuing my boyfriend of 4.5 years propsed! of course I accepted :)
  • Graduation at Mercy college

    I was a successful full fleged nursing student ready to graduate and work out in the real world and start my career.
  • Got married

    Got married!
  • First child

    My husband and I had our first child and it was a baby boy. He weight 8 lbs 3 oz and was very healthy.
  • First child learning how to ride a bike

    At around 2.5 years old my first child began to learn how to use a tricycle taught by his father. My son was very cautious and scared and later on became confident and was riding very well.
  • Second child

    My husband and I had our second baby boy and he turned out to be healthy weighing in at 9lbs.
  • I went back to school

    I went back to school for my BSN degree in nursing at Wayne State University
  • Kids spend lots of time with family

    While I am at school and working my children spend lots of time with grandparents until I finsish my degree.
  • New pet

    My family and I purchase our first family dog, an English Mastif named Rockey,
  • Graduate with my BSN

    Graduate with my BSN from Wayne State University.
  • Moved to Florida

    I have a job offer in Flordia so my family and I move down south for a better income and place to live. First child starst new at a new school in Augest
  • family begins to volunteer

    This is our frist family volunteering opportunity where we help out kids and familys in need around the holiday and help provide them with food and gifts. This becomes a tradition every year
  • father leaves to help out and work in another country

    My husband left to Cambodia to work as a PA for the next few months to help out the low incomve civilians who are sick and are struggling to survive.
  • has a miscarriage

    I had sudden stomach pains and when I went to the doctor the doctor told me I was pregnant and had a miscarriage. I did not know I was pregnant and was devisated that my third child was not going to be able to experience the beauty of life.
  • Second child goes to summer school

    Second child went to summer school for failing a couple of classes that he was struggling in .
  • loved on passes away

    Rockey, our family dog passes away, due to old age. He was part of the family and was well taken care of and had a great life
  • First child graduates highschool

    First son graduates highschool in Florida and has a scholarship to Tampa University.
  • Second child graduates

    Second child graduates from Florida highschool and attended a community college the following fall
  • Husband and I begin to travel

    My husband and I begin to travel and our first trip was to South America along the west coast for a couple weeks.
  • First child gradutes college and moves out

    First child graduates with an teaching degree and moves into his first home
  • Second child moves out with his girlfriend

    Second child still continuing school but moves into an apartment with his girlfriend
  • First grandchild

    Our frist grandchild was born a baby girl weighing at 7.5lbs
  • Twin grandchildren!

    shortly after my second child gets married they become pregnant with twins!
  • Second traveling adventure

    Our second trip was in Europe where we traveled to Greece, Rome, and romanced our last few days in Italy.
  • mother dies due to health issues

    with the excessive smoking, occansionaly drinking, and lack of exercise my mother passes away due to a massive heart attack.
  • my husband and take our first rock climbing adventure

    My husband and I feel prepared to take on and climb the real rocks. We travel to kentucky in a city where rock climbing is well known and experience our first rock climbing trip
  • Taking on a new hobby

    My husband and I learn how to rock climb and begin using the rockclimbing facilities in pontiac or ann arbor. this new hobby is refreshing and exciting.
  • Third traveling adventure

    My husband and I take our third big traveling trip to Australia and stay there another two weeks. While we were there we visisted the Great Barrier Reef and used our scuba diving skills.
  • Death

    While traveling in Australia I got bit by a poisnous Sydney funnel-web spider when hiking in the forest. I felt nauseated and began to feel numb. By the time my husband got help it was to late and I passed away.