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Jessica's Life Timeline

  • My date of arrival to the world!

    I am the baby of the family and I have an older brother, Dan and an older sister Krissy. My parents are Steve and Linda Frazer
  • Chicken Pocks

    I was only three years old when I had a terrible case of the Chicken Pocks. I would be drinking my bottle while scratching my face. I have a scar still today where I once scratched too hard
  • First day of school

    My first day of school was at Wilson Elementary in Anderson township Ohio. My teacher was Mrs. Collins and I will always remember that I wore a watermelon dress my first day and every other week until the year was over!
  • The new beach house

    My grandparents bought a beach house in Myrtle Beach when I was 10 years old. It is close to the beach and is a great place to go and leave your worries at home. Our family goes every summer and never misses it!
  • My first day of Middle School

    I went to school at Nagel Middle School. This was a very scary experience for me. It was a brand new school and I was not used to having a locker and I had to make new friends. I was on the cheerleading squad and found my niche.

    My family and I went on our first cruise to the Carribean islands! There were many gambling games on the cruise ship and drinking games that I was not aloud to play in. The only game I could play was bingo. No one in my family won anything, besides me! I won $250 and was the happiest kid alive
  • First day of high school

    I went to Turpin High School, at the time my sister was a senior and she would drive me to and from school. If I was not quick enough she would leave me and I would have to take the bus :(
  • Worst year to happen to our family

    This was a Christmas that I wish I could forget. Our family found out that my mother was diagnosed with Panceatic Cancer. This was the hardest part of my life.
  • My mother's death

    My mother passed away within the year of her diagnosis. She went through chemo and all kinds of surgeries. At this time I was entering my Senior year of high school.
  • Graduation!

    I graduated high school and decided to go to the University of Cincinnati for college. I moved to clifton and lived the dorm life
  • Senior class trip

    A group of seniors went to Paris, Provance, and Barcelona! This was a beautiful experience and I enjoyed every minute. The history and monuments of the cities were incredible
  • Best Florida vacation ever!

    My aunt lives in Naples Florida and my sister and I have never visited her til now! She has a beautiful home and we were able to rent a Spider Convertible and watched beautiful sunsets every night. It was the best vacation of my life
  • Dan gets married

    My brother married his beautiful bride Andrea. My sister and I were both bridesmaid. I caught the bouque too!
  • Changing it up!

    This was the start of my first semester at NKU. I decided to transfer because I heard great things about the education program and this has been a great experience so far!
  • School year

    I am currently in the Education program and am furthering my knowledge to become a teacher and start a career!!!