Jessica Alfaro's life

  • My birth

    There was a huge storm.
  • First ride on a bike!

    My dad taught me how to ride a bike. And my oldest brother popped the tires the next morning. :(
  • Had my first sleep over

    It was at my house and we gave each other new hair cuts!
  • My 11th birthday party!!

    Had my party in my class, it was the worst because they didn't know about it so they didn't bring presents. :-(
  • My first phone

    The next day I borked it, never got one until my 15th birthday.
  • My big softball games

    It was the best and worst day in my middle school year. My team lost 1 game and won the other. I got MVP and best captain.
  • Finished middle school!

    I knew all my friends were leaving, but I was exited for high school.
  • My birthday / best day ever!!!!!!!

    I was finally 15! I was sad because I didn't have a quince but my second oldest brother and his girlfriend told us that they were having a baby girl!
  • Told my mom I had a boyfriend

    My mom was mad but happy. She told me to be careful and she was happy for me and she felt good that I didn't lie to her.
  • Baby Melanie was born!

    My nice was born and she is the most beautiful baby in the world!