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Jerrell's HUM timeline

  • Was Born

    At 9.08 am today, I was born.
  • Took my first flight

    For the first time in my life, I sat on an aeroplane from KL to Langkawi. Model was Boeing 737 something and the flight lasted 45 mintues.
  • Went to primary school

    I started official education at SJK(C) Yak Chee, a government local school 3 mintues from my house. It shaped me into who I was before I came to Nexus and played a major part in my personality.
  • Badminton

    Started formal badminton training and went on for two years until I quitted to focus on examinations.
  • Brother went to Singapore

    My brother went to Singapore to study for four years until his Pre-U after receiving his scholarship.
  • Took UPSR, my first major examination

    I took my UPSR papers, which represented the second three years of my education and played an extremely vital role in moving on to secondary education.
  • Met Shailinder

    Fellow scholars, he was the dude with the most common interests with me, except perhaps my brother. The difference was he believed in science wheras my brother doesn't. He does not, however, like current affairs, likewise I do not like math.
  • Came to Nexus

    I joined Nexus, which really changed the way I thought and the way I learn. It also exposed me to a very different learning environment for what I was used to. It did me a lot of good, as it led me on to plenty of meaningful field of studies.
  • Transition

    This was the period when I started to dramatically change my viewpoint on the world and got interested in science and modern history.
  • Went to China

    My first overseas trip with the exception of Singapore. My first experience of winter and skiing, and also my gave me a deeper insight into how Chinese people did under the socialist system.
  • Voyager 2 Space probe

    I found out that humans had probes travelling out of the Solar System. Really shocked me and encouraged me to learn more about astronomy.
  • Ipoh Trip

    This was my first school trip or even my first outing with friends. I guess it was alright, though it didn't alter my reluctance to socialize by going to shopping centers, parties, or whatnot.