Jean Piaget Timeline- Ryan Hoctor

Timeline created by ryanhh
  • Period: to


    -Begin to understand information entering their senses and ability to interact with the world
    -Object Permanence- Babies ability to know something exist without it actually being there
  • Crawling, Walking, and Scooting

    Crawling, Walking, and Scooting
    I began crawling very early but was good at crawling so I didn't walk until I was right around 1. I got comfortable at crawling and scooting and didn't feel the need to walk.
  • Attachment

    I was attached a little more to my mom, but only because she was at home with me more. I didn't have separation anxiety because I was always left with someone I knew, like my grandparents. I had a pacifier and blanket but not for security reasons and didn't have them for long.
  • Talking

    I started talking when I was about 1. My first word was "Moo". I didn't know a lot of words and would point and make sounds to communicate when I couldn't find the words.
  • Period: to


    -Children learn how to interact with their environment using words and images
    -Stage of playing pretend and fantasy
    -A stage where they cant see or feel something from someone else's perspective
    -Don't realize that something can stay the same size even when it changes shapes (conservation)
  • Playing

    I never had imaginary friends, I would just play with my toys. My favorite toys to play with were baby dolls. I also didn't have a memorable schema. I did however struggle with conservation during this time and my parents could convince be that three quarters was better than a dollar.
  • Learning

    During Pre-K I didn't really struggle with something in particular. I was really good at following rules and directions. I started learning to read in kindergarten because I was the first child so my parents didn't know when to start.
  • Elementary School

    Elementary School
    I was really good at following directions and creative writing. I struggled with spelling and math because my teachers didn't give be enough structure or corrections.
  • Play Pretend

    Play Pretend
    I enjoyed playing school and grocery store where I would make my parents buy things from me. I was very good and playing and sharing with others and had a good sense of empathy and guilt.
  • Period: to


    -Increased ability to focus on more then one aspect of stimulus
    -Abstract thinking has not yet developed
    -Begin to play with real things they know about
    -Grammar and more complex reading
  • Identity

    I never really fought with my parents and respected authority. At this stage in my life I have accepted my own morals and stick with them. In the past couple of years I have changed into my own person. I struggled finding friends a lot because my friends had different morals than I did. I have found friends that are similar to me now. I have played almost any sport you can think of but have stuck with lacrosse the past 4 years.I think I have changed in these ways because I stay true to who I am.
  • Period: to


    -More abstract view of the world
    -Increased understanding of cause and effect
    -Can think hypothetically