Jaylee 12A ETC40s

  • I was born!

  • Period: to

    Jaylee ETC40S

  • Got our own desktop

  • I got my first pet (puppy)

  • Celebrated my 7th birthday (a special Filipino celebration)

  • Got my first bicycle

  • Got my pet rabbit

  • Got all my booster shots

    It hurt!
  • Got another puppy

  • Got my first guitar

  • Got my second guitar

  • First day at St. Maurice

  • Visited Philippines!

  • Got my first cellphone

  • got my first guitar

  • Joined St. Maurice's soccer team

  • Joined St. Maurice's badminton team

  • We moved from Lindenwod to West End

  • We moved from West End back to Lindenwoods

  • I got my first Job!

  • Got my 1st Ukulele

  • Got my Industrial piercing

  • Passed my roadtest

  • Went camping at Westhawk Lake