Jannis gates radke :3

  • My birth

    I was born on april 29, my parents are lissette and sandro
  • My first words

    I said "dad" ,my dad was so happy.
  • My birthday

    I was with my family and friends
  • My first day at school

    I was so nervous,with my sister
  • My first bike

    I fell a lot of times :(
  • I lost my bike

    I was so sad,but my parets bougth me other.
  • My first travel

    I travelled to valparaiso
  • My first mp3

    I was so happy,because, I listened to music that I liked
  • beach

    In 2008 I went for the first time to the beach
  • sad

    I was so sad , because I fell and I bleed ...(?)
  • My first phone

    I was so happy, my dad gave me.
  • My first concert

    I went to the evanescence's concert ,it was beautiful *---*
  • computer game

    I won a computer game in a competition
  • Viña del mar

    I travelled to the viña del mar,with my friends
  • My died

    I died drowned.