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It's My Life- Timeline Assignment/Gen

By Gen
  • Day of Birth

    Day of Birth
    On decemeber 30th 1996 at 3:30 PM I was delievered in an ambulance on West Fifth and Mowhawk. The day after my birth there was an atricle in the spectator tittled "Road Side baby" which is a memory that will stay with me for a lifetime.
  • Baptism

    My baptism was an important part of my life because it enrolled me into my christianity and makes up a part of who i am today
  • First year of dance

    First year of dance
    Starting my first year of dance lead to many other oppurtinities and doors in my life
  • Glasses

    Finding out i needed glasses and had a stigmatism had impacted me greatly because i have very poor vison. It affected my school work and dance, and is something i am unable to change and have to live with
  • Holy Communion

    Holy Communion
    This day affected my life because it has allowed me to accept the body and blood of Jesus Christ and be able to practice my Christian religion on a weekly basis and understand where i come from religiously
  • Hamilton Tigercats Cheerleader

    Hamilton Tigercats Cheerleader
    Becoming a cheerleader for our hometown football team had made a change in my life because it gave me oppurtinities to be on TV, newspapers and webesites leading to a high confidence level. Also was one of the best experiences of my life. (scroll down) copy&paste this link into tool bar to see a cheer from the second year of cheerleading -
  • Broken Ankel

    In 2004, i got in a minor injgurey that lead me to have to take a year off of ballet which affected my dance life
  • Rest In Peace

    Rest In Peace
    In 2005 after a four year battle of cancer i lost my best friend Alessandraa Farugia. I personally think this has affected my life the most because she was the biggest thing i have ever lost, it not only affected me but everyone around me.
  • Graduation

    Graduating elementary school with being on honour roll was very significant in my life because it showed how hard i worked throughout my 10 years of elementary school, and it showed me how hard i will work in highschool.
  • Justin Bieber Concert

    Justin Bieber Concert
    Going to the Justin Bieber concert was a very important mark in my life, I look up to Justin as an amazing CANADIAN inspiration who teaches me to never say never which is why going to his cocnert was significant. (do not have to watch the whole video)
  • Taylor Swift Concert

    Taylor Swift Concert
    Seeing Taylor Swift live in concert was very important to be because she is someone i look up to as a role model, with her inspiring music and wise words. Me and my friends got the tickets the day OF the concert and managed to get row 13 at ACC click this link to see roughly where are seats were ( do not have to watch the whole video)
  • Competitive

    After being asked to do competitive for a couple of years i finally decided that it was time to go somewhere with dancing, I had to go to 2 auditions to find out that i made a competitve dance team which is a very big commitment and will impact me and my friends and family.
  • Grade Nine Honour Roll

    Grade Nine Honour Roll
    Once again acheiving honour roll is very significant in my life, my education is very important to me. I am proud to say i made the grade nine honour roll.