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It's My Life

  • Birth

    I was born January 29,1996 at Jane and Finch hospital in Toronto. My parents are Tavane and Anthony Baker. I was the first of three children.
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    It's My Life

  • First Vacation

    First Vacation
    My first vacation was to Jamaica. I was only 6 months old.My mom said the plane ride was torture.(thats actually a beach we visited in Jamaica)
  • Grandma's Death

    My grandma died on June 7 1999. We were very close. She died of Cancer.
  • My Sister

    My Sister
    My younger sister was born. She was the second.
  • Another Sister!?

    Another Sister!?
    My yougest sister was born today, at St.Joes hospital. She was a major change in the family. August 8 was also the day my parents got married.
  • First Job

    My first job i ever had was when i was 13, i was carrier. I handed out fliers around my neighbourhood.
  • Graduation!

    Today i graduated from elementary school,looking forward to highschool.
  • Minor Niner

    Minor Niner
    Today was the first day of highschool. It was lots of fun, the teachers were great!

    i was a part of the midget boys basketball team for STM. Not only did the midget team win, so did the junoir and senior!
  • Death of Great Grandma

    My Great Grandma died of cancer. It was a battle well fought, it was a great loss for the family.