It's My Life

By nardi
  • My Birthday!!

    I was born at 1:10 AM on May 24th 1996, in Halifax Nova Scotia at Grace Maternity Hospital. I was 8 pounds and a healthy baby.
  • Period: to

    15 Years

  • Baptism

    I was baptised at St. Eugene's Church and my Uncle and Aunt were named my God Parents
  • My Brothers Birthday

    My brother Chris was born also in Halifax.
  • First Day of School

    After a couple of years in pre-school I jumped on the school bus and was on my way to Hammonds Plains School for my first day.
  • Trip to China

    Trip to China
    My family and I went on a 3 week vacation to China, first going to Hong Kong visting some friends who moved there a few years earlier, then flying to Bejing and doing some sight seeing including the great wall of China.
  • First Communion

    My first communion took place at St. James Church in Hammonds Plains Nova Scotia.
  • Won Atlantic Hockey Chpionship

    My team the Central Lighning won the Novice Major AAA hockey championships for both Nova Scotia and Atalntic Canada. The Atlantic championship game went to double overtime when we finally scored to win 1-0.
  • Move from Halifax to Hamilton

    Move from Halifax to Hamilton
    My family and i started a trip across Eastern Canada our final destination was Hamilton our new home.
  • Broken Arm

    I broke my right arm playing baseball sliding into homeplate. I was forced to wear a cast for 6 weeks.
  • Provincal Championship

    Provincal Championship
    I played with the Hamilton Cyclones and we won the HUB city championships and the "A" provincal championships.
  • Baseball City Championships

    The Baseball city championships were held at Dofasco park during the last week of August 2009. We had made it to the finals and were down by 1 run in the bottom of the 7th inning (last inning) there we two outs with runners on second and third when I came up to bat. There were 2 strikes when I hit the ball over the outfeilders head, both runners came into score and we won the city chpionships on a walk off hit.
  • Confirmation

    My Confirmation took place at Regina Mundi Church with my clasmates.
  • Trip to Duabi

    Trip to Duabi
    My family and I took a ten day vacation to Dubai to vist friends, see some intresting buldings and of course enjoy the beautiful weather.
  • Broken Collar Bone

    I broke my collar bone while taking part in a hiting drill in practice. This time i wasn't able to write and had an easy month of December school wise.