By jmolloy
  • 553

    The old Roman Empire was reunited by Justinian, the Byzantine emperor

  • 572

    The Byzantine rule collapses after an attack by the Lombards

  • Jun 10, 756

    Pepin the Short, a Frankish King conquers the Lombards for the popes

  • Sep 10, 756

    The Papal States were established in central Italy

  • Jun 10, 774

    The Lombards defeated by Charlemagne

  • Jun 10, 1519

    Charles I of Spain became Emperor Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire

  • 1700s Spanish rule passed to Austrian rule

  • The French Revolution

  • Napoleon declared himself the emperor of Italy

  • Napoleon abdicated his throne and Italy was broken up into small kingdoms

  • Period: to

    1820s-1850s Small revolutions in the kingdoms - Venice, Rome and Tuscany declare themselves Republics

  • Austria regains control of most of Italy

  • Northern Italy was joined to the Kingdom of Sardinia

  • The Kingdom of Italy was formed under the leadership of Giuseppe Garibaldi Victor Emmanuel II crowned king

  • Italy defeats the Ottoman Empire

  • World War I

  • Italy joins the war on the side of the Allies

  • The Allies win World War I

  • The Fascists named Benito Mussolini the Prime Minister of Italy

  • Benito Mussolini becomes the dictator of Italy

  • Mussolini and Hitler sign an agreement known as the Roman-Berlin Axis

  • Italy conquers Albania and Mussolini sides with Hitler and Fascist Germany

  • taly surrenders to the Allies in WW II

  • Italy declares war on Germany

  • Mussolini was shotAugust 1945 The United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki marking the end of WW11

  • Italy abolishes the monarchy and establishes a republic

  • Italy was invaded by Attila the Hun. Pope Leo I dissuaded Attila from sacking Rome

    Italy was invaded by Attila the Hun. Pope Leo I dissuaded Attila from sacking Rome
  • The Lombards, a Germanic tribe, invade Italy which is divided into three regions ruled by the Lombards, the Eastern Roman Empire and the Papal States

  • Charlemagne crowned Roman emperor

  • Otto the Great, the king of Germany, was crowned emperor establishing the Holy Roman Empire 1000s - 1400's Independent city-states are established

  • Period: to