ISP LAB- Change in the color of leaves

  • WEEK 1

    WEEK 1
    This picture was taken at site one on the red cedar river. As i have stated my group is testing how the color of the leaves are effected by the weather. From the picture it is clear that for this week, the leaves on the trees branches and they are still green. This was taken towards the end of september where the weather was still nice and not as cold as it soon will be as i continue my timeline.
  • Period: to

    ISP LAB timeline- The Change in Apperance of the Trees Around the Red Cedar River

    In my timeline my hypothesis is to examine how the colors of the leaves change from week to week. My group thinks that after time the colors will change from green to yellow orange and red, and then finally after sometime because of the weather changing the leaves will soon fall off of the trees leaving them to be bare with just the tree trunk and the branches.
  • WEEK 2

    WEEK 2
    On week two, we can see that the leaves are getting lighter and starting to turn a yellow color. It is clear that as time goes on and the weather begins to change the leave colors are going to change more and more. Even though there is not much of a big difference from week one as we proceed this experiment when we compare pictures from now and late november it will be clear how the wather effects the leaves on the trees.
  • WEEK 3

    WEEK 3
    In week three our little change is happening again. The leaves are become more yellow. You are able to notice the difference in color between week one and week three from the pictures provided. Now that we are in October the temperature is going to drop more then what it was in September. Because of the weather change we expect the leaves to me more yellow as they are seen in the picture.
  • WEEK 4

    WEEK 4
    As the weather continues to change and become cooler we can see that in week four the leaves are becoming a yellow color more. Compared to the first week there is most definatly more yellow then green. As we were to continue our timeline, we will expect there to be little to no more green leaves and instead there would be bright colors of yellow, red and orange. After all the colors have changed and the temperature continues to dropp we will expect to see no leaves on the branches.
  • WEEK 5

    WEEK 5
    At week 5 we see little change. The leaves are lightening but not enough to see a definite difference. So far all the pictures that have been taken have very similar apperences because of the temperature. Since temperature and the leaves colors have a direct relationship we will hopefully see soon the leaves turn lighter and eventually fall of the trees once the temperature drops.
  • WEEK 6

    WEEK 6
    Week 6 we are able to see that the colors are more of a yellow color and a light green. From Week one till now you can compared and see the difference from a far. Week one the trees were full with bright green colors and now they are becoming bare and lighter.
  • WEEK 7

    WEEK 7
    Very similar to week 6, week 7 doesnt have much change. From the picture it is apparent that the colors are defienatly changing to the light green yellow color.
  • WEEK 8

    WEEK 8
    In this one we notice that in the higher up parts for the trees they are becoming more bare and losing leaves because the temperature is decreasing as we move to later November. Also the leaves are still at that light green yellow stage. Hopefully in the next few weeks there will be a bigger difference in the apperance of the leaves and the trees.
  • WEEK 9

    WEEK 9
    Week 9 is where the biggest change happens. It is apparent that the leaves are not as full with lushious green leaves. The tree in this picture is beginnning to get orange yellow leave with a little green still left. Also the tree seems to be slimming as it loses more and more leaves due to the temperature.
  • WEEK 10

    WEEK 10
    In week 10 we are getting closer to seeing the trees with almost no leaves. The colors have clearly changed more, now adding and prange color to them. Also the trees are stilll pretty bare and dont have much on them. If we were to compare this picture to the beginning pictures we would be able to see the difference in the color and the apperance of the tree as a whole.
  • WEEK 11

    WEEK 11
    From this picture, my group can say that our hypothesis is correct. This picture supports our theory because we stated that the leaves will turn to a lighter color and then eventually fall off as time goes on because of the decreasing temperature. In this picture there is absolutely no leaves left on the trees and they appear to be very bare. Althought through out the experiment we did not see as much color change as I was hoping, we were still able to tell the difference from week1 to the last.