Inquiry Term 2

By Ataahua
  • Block 1

    Today I watched the video on WAVE and followed the steps to update my portfolio. I signed up to timetoast and created my timeline. Honestly, I haven't thought about what I want to focus on this term. Tonight I need to brainstorm ideas so by the end of inquiry tomorrow I have a fertile question and research questions.
  • Block 2

    Coming up with a topic has proven to be difficult, but I managed to find something interesting. I have a fertile question but if I get some feedback I could improve it. This will help me to plan my inquiry. I now need to create some research questions.
  • Block 3

    Even though I already had a topic that I really wanted to look at, the fertile question I had wasn't specific enough and therefore it wouldn't be ideal. Mrs Mackay told me about an article she had read the night before and it was very interesting. From there I came up with a new fertile question that I can't wait to work on and find the answer to. I have created two research questions, and need to make another four from some ideas that I have. Otherwise I won't get a seat next block :/
  • Block 4

    During this bock I watched some videoes on YouTube about the study of how increased physical activity in teenagers can help improve their grades at school. I found out about Amika Singh who has been working at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam since 2002.
  • Block 5

    Getting all my reflections down onto this timeline was my priority this block, because I'm gonna do homework club after school and do HEAPS of research before netball. I have a feeling it is going to be difficult answering my research questions and completing my inquiry, but I am going to use the rest of my time wisely and make sure I am doing more research for homework.
  • Block 6

    This block I created a survey and sent it out to students. The survey will help me to find what kind of physical activity teenagers do, how long they are physically active etc. Every block I'll check responses so I get an idea. I will also complete the survey. I have also looked at what being physically active feels like inside, and how the brain functions. I will ask Keela and Jeorgia about this too as they have some knowledge that might be useful.
  • Block 7

    Today I gathered a heap of information that I will go through over the weekend. Some of it is some research that has been done already on exactly what I am wanting to find, and is specific. I searched on YouTube and found some really interesting clips of experiments that have been conducted and the results are quite unexpected. I am really interested in my topic, but it is quite hard.
  • Block 8

    I got my letter back from last term! HOORAY! BA DU DU DU DU DU! It gave me the urgent reminder I needed to check my assessment rubric. If I keep doing this, I'll do a lot better than last term.
  • Block 9

    I have so much to do, and so little time! This term has gone so fast, and I really need to do more for homework. Soon I should think about my presentation and putting my report together.
  • Block 10

    Today I started my report. Inquiry has been REALLY difficult this term, which I explained in my introduction. I haven't found the information I need to answer my research questions. I'm not disappointed however, as I know I did my best the majority of the time.
  • Block 11

    Drafting out the rest of my report is my priority today. Even though I don't have what I need, it's getting too late to fuss about doing something I can't. I've put a lot of work into my inquiry and know what I want to do from here.
  • Block 12

    Completing my research is my top priority today. I might be pushing it by trying to get my report drafted, but that will definitely be homework. Some of my research questions I found I didn't need as I did my research. I need to write a paragraph about each for my report. Presenting second. WOOAH!
  • Block 13

    I have completed all my research, and am working on my report. For my So What I want to do some sort of brain gym or a mini activity that students do before getting stuck into their work. When doing it in class last week it worked very well, and it gave me a brilliant idea!
  • Block 14

    Completing my draft report today is my top priority, so it is ready for publishing. This leaves me time next block to prepare for my presentation. My SO WHAT also needs to be done.
  • Block 5

    Today I prepared for my presentation and did my so what.