Fabian Villarreal Madrigal

By sirfabi
  • Birth

    I was born in Cosoleacaque Veracruz on October 13, 2001.
  • Period: to


    I studied at the kindergarten nalled ''Gabilondo Soler'' in Cosolecaque city
  • Period: to

    Elementary School

    I studied at the elementary school named ''Heriberto Jara Corona'' in Cosoleacaque city
  • My best friend

    My best friend
    My best friend in elementary school is named Hazael Joaquín Jacobo
  • Favorite teacher

    Favorite teacher
    My favorite teacher from elementary school was the teacher Evelin Martinez Becerra, she was very nice to everyone and very tolerant. She was my godmother in my first communion
  • Period: to

    Middle school

    I studied at the middle school called ''Esti 134'' in Minatitlan city
  • My favorite birthday party

    My favorite birthday party
    My favorite party was on my 12th birthday, in 2013. My parents organized an incredible party for me in the event room named ''Salón Azul''. The party had lots of guests, lots of candy, piñatas, and unlimited hotdogs
  • My favorite subject

    My favorite subject
    My favorite subject in high school was Biology.
  • Period: to

    High school

    I studied at the high school called ''Cobaev 08'' in Cosoleacaque city
  • Teather competition

    Teather competition
    We won the regional theater competition on behalf of my high school.
    Then we performed at the theater in the city of Xalapa.
  • Travel to Xalapa

    Travel to Xalapa
    I traveled to Xalapa and fell in love with the city, from that day I knew that I wanted to live there
  • My Boyfriend

    My Boyfriend
    I met my boyfriend, his name is Daniel Rafael García.
    My boyfriend makes me very happy and I am very grateful for his support
  • 2019

    It was the best year of my life.
  • My Kitty

    My Kitty
    This day my kitten died, my cat had been with me for 15 years. I miss her so much
  • University School

    University School
    I started studying for a university degree at the ''UV'' in Xalapa city.
    I study theater
  • ''Los Escondidos''

    ''Los Escondidos''
    I currently work as an actor in the theater group ''Los Escondidos''
  • Hobbies

    My two biggest hobbies are video games and acting.
  • ''Adelaida''

    I presented my first professional theatrical performance at the J. J Herrera theater called ''Adelaida''
  • To graduate

    To graduate
    I will graduate in 2023.
    I'll be a theater graduate
  • My Art

    My Art
    I would like to work and live from my art, with a lot of effort and dedication
  • Live in

    Live in
    I would like to live abroad or in the north of México together with my boyfriend