Important Life Events

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    Important Life Events

  • Moved to San Antonio, Texas.

    This was a very important day for me because it was the start of my childhood with my grandparents. Much of the way I was raised and the influences around me were because of them. They helped steer me to be intelligent, independent, respectful, and kind. My grandma, a very godly woman, often took me to church, as my dad's side of the family is very tradition. Here I learned many things about the way life is in an Episcopalian house.
  • Started Kindergarten

    This was the year I started going to school. This is a very important event to me because it was the start of my passsion for science. In Texas I learned a lot about biology and ecology through some of the awesome programs at my school. These experiences influenced me to travel further down the road of science.
  • Met My Best Friend

    When I met my best friend I gained a very important people in my life. Sierra, my best friend pushed me in a lot of ways to reach my full potential. Throughout our childhood she was my biggest supporter in student council, sports, and other academic specials. When we hit middle school in high school she was the only one to stick by through the hard times. She taught and contunues to teach me what the true meaning of friendship is.
  • Met My Foster Brothers

    Meeting my new family memebers was a very scary but amazing day. Have you ever went to sleep the oldest child and woke up the middle child? No? Well I have, and I couldn't have been happier! Although it wasn't just an overnight thing, it did seem that way. All my life I'd wanted older brothers and the influences and decicisions they made for me helped me grow to be the young lady I am today.
  • Started Gymnastics

    The start of my gymnastics career wasn't so quick, but in the end was one of the greatest things I could have done in my childhood. When I started at Phoenix Gymnastics Academy I was so nervous and scared to hurt or embarass myself! But soon I broke through my walls and learned that its good to mess up and not be the best athlete out there. It was a humbling experience to see myself fall so many times only to get back up and succeed.
  • Climbed Mt. Humphreys

    Early 2010 my church decided to take a hiking outing, little did we know we would be challenged to the max! At 12 years old, my best friend, Sierra, and I climbed to the very top! We were the only kids to make it, along with 5 other adults. The sight was one to see and just being on top of AZ was a great experience.
  • Diagnosed With Epilepsy

    After having my second grand mal seizure doctors diagnosed me with Juvenial Mioclonic Epilepsy. Being diagnosed changed how I lived life and did everyday things. Having epilepsy is the main factor in my choosing to do online school. I was kept from school for a very long time, having tests ran on me, trying to control my medication and seizures. For a while my stress levels were so high I was having small seizures everyday. Learning to control them has made me stronger each day.
  • Tore My ACL

    When I tore my ACL, it crushed me! I was out of volleyball and cheer for a whole year! Not to mention the painful recovery and countless hours of PT! Although I thought recruiters would never take me seriously after the fact, my mom searched for surgeons who specialize in athlete recovery and we found our guy! He said he could do a full replacement of my ACL using thigh tissue and repair my meniscus. After 6 months of PT and awful crutches I was ready to start training again.
  • My Brother Died

    Although this isn't a very happy event, it's by far the most important. When a drunk driver killed my brother it taught me a lot about responsibility and how our actions affect everything and everyone around us. Although I hit some low points of grieving after he passed, accepting his death made me just a little bit stronger. It's still new to my mind but I've learned to accept it and live on how my brother would have wanted.
  • Got my first job

    When I applied at Subway back in May, I was expecting the worst and hoping for the best. Not 1 day later I got a call from the manager asking if I could interview in a few days. I was so excited, yet so nervous! These were my first big steps in the adult world. But after preparing for every question my business class had thrown at me, I knew I'd do just fine. All I had to be was myself. Later that week, on the 8th, I was hired! I started 2 days later and have beeingloving my job and crew since!