Important events of life

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    events of life

  • First School

    On 28th february 2000, I joined a school in Kolkata, India called The Kidz Corner. It is my first school. I studied in that school for 1 year and two months then I went to another school as it was a school only for people from 2 1/2 years old till 4 years old. It was a nice school. It surely did a very very big impact in my life. I made new friends whom I still remember. I learnt the letters in the alphabet in that school. It was the most important thing to remember to read and write.
  • First Car

    This was the day when we bought the first car. I was really excited. It has ofcourse done a big impact to my life which is that before we had a car, we did not really do a lot of outing but after we bought the car, almost all the saturdays and sundays, we were out of house as those were the days when my fathre used to have holidays. It impacted my father's life as well as before, he used to travel in taxis in heat but after we bought the car, he used to go in the car with the nice airco air.
  • Mohak's Birthday

    Mohak's Birthday
    Mohak is my little brother who was born on 7th august 2005. Before he was born, I was the only child in my family who was taken care of and I did not have almost any responsibility. After he was born, I had a lot of responsibilities towards him and since he was the smallest, he was taken care more than anyone else.
  • Shifted to Gangtok, India

    Shifted to Gangtok, India
    In India, I was born in a place called Kolkata in a state of India called West Bengal. I lived there for many years. One day, my father got transferred from there to a mountain named Sikkim. It was a really cold place. It is also a state of India. We lived there for 2 1/2 years. So, now if we go to any hot place, we feel really hot. That transfer had a very nice impact on my life, transfer to Gangtok also taught me to speak Nepali. It was the language spoken in Gangtok.
  • Moved to Curacao

    Moved to Curacao
    My father had test for the transfer outside India in which he passed and was chosen for a transfer outside India. We were all happy and how it made a big impact in my life was that I learnt 3 new languages which I will never forget in my life. The languages that I learnt are Dutch, Spanish and Papiamentu. I am happy that I know a language which I did not know about before I came here.
  • ISC

    This was the day when I joined ISC. It was my first international school. I was really excited when I joined the school. This school very good and is better than my school in India. From this school, I learnt and am learning two new languages which will stay in my head for the whole life. After I came to ISC, I had the experience of studying in an international school. All the teachers are really good in ISC and all the students get express their own ideas to class in ISC. I love ISC. :)