Important events in my life

By lnahar
  • When I bron

    I bron in Bagladesh.
  • My first school.

    This is my first school in my life. I read five years in this school. I miss my school.
  • My brother bron.

    I get little brother. I love to much my brother. I am so happyfor my little brother.
  • My birthday celebration

    My big suprise 10 birthday party, It was my most memorable birthday pirty.
  • Marriage.

    My cousin big wedding. It was very funn,and elaberate.
  • When I came in u.s.a

    My frist travel by airplane in my life.I came in u.s.a
  • In u.s.a my first school.

    This is my first school in u.s.a, at new emvermant.
  • My first school trips.

    My first broad way show in u.s.a from my middle school. I was so excited.
  • I graduadion my middle school.

    My graduadion in the u.s.a. I miss my school.
  • My favorite place.

    when I ride on the water slide, I am so scared in the dark hole. I love this place.