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  • burned my house down

    burned my house down
    I could not afford my land and my house was burned down. lost half of my money in the fire and now all i have is 20 dollars. i am thinking of going to America. I heard that the jobs were better over west. I also found a flyer in the garbage saying they were giving away free land. Sounds promising...
  • Going to `Murica

    Going to `Murica
    I have left for America. with me i have brought my 20 dollars, an extra pair of clothes, a oicture of my family, and an umbrella i stole at the age of 11. i plan to sell the umbrella for money and with it i am going to buy a new horse. Getting on the boat to Ellis island tommorow
  • America

    I woke up this morning to screaming. The first thing i heard was "the Statue of Liberty! There it is! it`s right over there!" at least 40 people were at the railing in front of me but i could still see the mighty statue welcoming us to the new world
  • Ellis Island

    Ellis Island
    we finnally docked on Ellis Island. i made it through the health inspection OK but i had to avoid almost all contact during the boat ride. Once in the legal inspection i almost didn`t make it. the man at the counter got so fed up with the immigrants that couldn`t speak English he looked like he was going to send me home right away before he knew that i could speak English.
  • pickpocet

    I have not been in America for even a week and a pickpocket troed to steal my money. i cahgt him just as he was about to run away.after the fighting was over, a well dressed man came over to me and told me i was pretty strong and offered me a job working on the railroad, hammering in the railroad spikes. the pay sounds good and i would be heading west.
  • Homestead act

    Homestead act
    Today i was doing my daily routine on the railroad and as i was working i heard two men talking about some sort of new law. I only heard patches of their conversation but i was able to make out that the amount of immigrants coming in to America is now being limited. guess i`m not the unluckiest guy in the world.
  • Wanna` hear a joke? America is the promise land

    Wanna` hear a joke?  America is the promise land
    I have been working on the railroad for three years now and i am not anywhere closer to getting land. i have been tricked into thinking that i would make it rich with my job and i was tricked into thinking that i would get land. the best part? i probablly wont survive out here in the west without my stupid job. i feel little more then a slave.
  • the trail west

    the trail west
    at the end of the day. just as i was about to go to bed i looked out of a window and saw wagons heading west. me and my only two freinds onboard the "slave train", Thomas, and Euclid, snuck out and joinded the wagons. we plan to use all of our earnings for supplies.
  • got a horse

    got a horse
    After so many days of walking for miles at a time i have finnaly got a horse. some of the men saw some wild horse not so far away from camp and figured if they could rope some they could get their farms started sooner. i went with them and i learned that i knew how to use a lasso. I roped a beutiful pinto and i have named it Mary Anne after my deceased wife.
  • Native Americans

    Native Americans
    Today we were attacked. While we were riding Native Americans jumped out of nowhere and attacked us. One of the savages shot an arrow straight into Mary Annes flank. When she fell to the ground i grabbed the closest gun i could find and put a bullet staight through his heart. the doctor says that Mary Anne will be all right but i will have to walk the rest of the way.
  • Finally here

    Finally here
    We finnaly made it! we can see the land race just up ahead! Mary Anne is finnaly better and in better condition then i have ever seen. I am riding ahead to scout what land i want. Bringing a rifle with me i case i need to fight.
  • My land

    My land
    I did it! i got my land! Mary Anne did amazing! she must have been one of she fastest horses there! I got a peice of land with green grass and it`s right next to ariver with crisp clear water! Thomas is going to a trading post tomorrow to get some supplies and Euclid is going to find a place to keep our animals untill we can build stables and pens.