immigration timeline

  • Period: to


  • Creation

    This day I was brought forth to this world of beautiful sights and land to be owned. My parents Mary and Abraham Penn were so proud! They said i was the cutest baby they had, but also had the most problems.
  • Homeless

    Maybe the worst day of my life. My parents abandoned me to the street, and left me with nothing. Absolutely nothing. I would never find them again, but if I did I would probably rob them. What they did was just horrible. Ship me off to a relative, or give me to a neighbor. Something other than abandoning me to the streets. The last thing my parents told me was "you should go to America someday son."
  • To America!

    My family of 6 leaves for America. We were persecuted for the religion we practiced and we decided enough was enough. We were going to America to be allowed to worship our own religion. We also didn’t have very much land in England. We heard that America was giving out land for free at 20 acres a piece.
  • Land Ho!

    After being on a boat for ½ weeks we finally see the Statue of Liberty. This my family hope for the future in America. We all believe that it will be easy; we get a bunch of money, buy a wagon and move west. We were about to find out that we were dead wrong. In fact we were so far from it that part of my family wanted to go back.
  • Packed in Tight

    After a week while living on the street, we finally find a tight and packed in tenant to live in. The price is very expensive for such a small living space. I am starting to think that moving to America was not a very smart idea. My wife says she can live in such a small space for a very long time because she shares a bed with me and two of my children. There is not a lot of space in America, but we know there is more space out west.
  • More Space!

    After living in a cramped, small tenant, we decide to move west to the Oklahoma Territory where they are giving land out for free, we know it will be a hard and long journey but all my family thinks it will be worth it. Also my oldest son, Jerry, who is 19, decides to stay and try to make a living for himself. His going to stay in the same tenant we lived in and work at the local bar.
  • The Perfect Land

    After searching for a very long time, actually my whole lifetime, I finally found the land my wife and I had searched for when we came to America. It even has a small creek that runs through it. My family thinks that we can make huge profits off this land because there is open space and there are a few trees already there. The creek falls of a small cliff to make a waterfall. It is beautiful!
  • Death

    This was a horrible day in history. My wife and I were lunch, drinking a bowl of soup, and out of nowhere two people barged into our house with 2 guns each! Then they shot my wife right through the head. Then they asked me where my money was. I said "In a bank." Then, the people with guns got mad at me and shot me in the chest. I died a slow and painful death several hours later. When my son came home from work he found me almost dead on the floor, blood everywhere. I felt like I disappointed h