Immigration Timeline

Timeline created by scavanagh
  • Why I'm Immigrating

    Why I'm Immigrating
    Right now in Mexico Porfirio Diaz is the president but he’s more like a ruler. Also the deadly disease: Typhus is wiping out our people. I wish to start a new life in America.
  • Crazy Americans

    Crazy Americans
    I was out late looking at the new clothes when I saw three drunk men singing along the road. I thought nothing of it at the time but then a horse nearly trampled the poor men. I hope they’re ok.
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    Immigration Timeline

  • The New Hope Hotel

    The New Hope Hotel
    I have been staying at one of the cheapest hotels I can find. I guess you get what you pay for because just yesterday I found a dead rat in my bed.
  • Not Sneaky Enough

    Not Sneaky Enough
    While I was browsing in the market two young children were caught trying to steal a loaf of bread. I felt bad for them because they must not have very much money. I then purchased the bread for them.
  • Getting Antsy

    Getting Antsy
    The streets that I live on are starting to get crowded. I need to move and start my dream farm.
  • The Act that Changed Me

    The Act that Changed Me
    The immigration act has just been made. Now is the perfect time to go to the west to start my farm. There will be much less competition now.
  • Back Pains

    Back Pains
    I finally decided to go to the west. After one day my back is killing me. Although that is not going to stop me.
  • The Noise in the Dark

    The Noise in the Dark
    During my second night of traveling I heard a rustling out in the dark. I turned on the lantern and saw a hyena eating my food. Luckily I managed to get him to run away. Whew.
  • High Expectations

    High Expectations
    About noon today I ran into a camp and settled down for a bit. There I met a man who was hoping of traveling to Oregon to strike it rich in a mine. I do not think that he will find anything
  • Over the Years

    Over the Years
    It’s been three years since I got to the west. I have now started a successful farm with many vegetables and a couple animals.