Immigration and Westward Expansion

  • Moving to America

    My name is Carlotta De Luca, I am 23 year old, and I am immigrating from Italy to America. My mother and father just passed away so there is nobdody here to support me and there is no work for me here in Italy. My twin brother moved to America a little while ago and he now has a job set up for me to work with him. I traveled to America through Ellis Island where I did not encounter any problems. All i brought were a few articles of clothing and a locket with my parents' pictures in it.
  • Arriving and Meeting Up With My Brother

    My brother, Lorenzo, was waiting for me outside of the ferry station. This was a really monumental moment because he was the only living family member I had left and I missed him greatly because I had not seen him in three years.
  • Death of Lorenzo

    Lorenzo got malaria and since we don't have any curing medicines, this disease killed him. We never had a formal funeral. I miss my brother very much.
  • Moving West

    The past month without Lorenzo was very hard for me. The loss of his life resulted in the loss of my job because we worked together and I cannot carry on with it. I have decided to move west to mine in the gold/silver rush because I need more money. Hopefully I will become rich quickly. I will be traveling on the Transcontinental Railroad which has just opened.
  • Gold/Silver Rush

    I started mining in Bodie, California. I am one of the only women in the mine. I am being discriminated against for being a woman. I have not successfully found any sort of minerals yet. This is not the life I had hoped for when moving to America.
  • Broke and Homeless

    I gave up on mining because I never found anything. I am still out of work, and I have no money at all left. I had to sell most of my posessions just for food. I'm living out on the streets and all I am left with now is the clothes on my back and one small note from home.