Immigration and Westward Expansion

  • I arrived at New York

    I arrived at New York
    My name is Wen Chen, and I arrived at the immigration station in New York all the way from china. I came from many reasons: I wanted freedom, free land, better and easier lives for me and my family. But it was also very sad for me to leave my family, friends, comunity, and the place I was born at. The first thing I did was to look for a job so I can move with my two kids to the west and get a land for free. Mine while me and my kids lived in a small room with two other families, in New Jersey.
  • I Needed of Money to Take Care of My Kids

    I Needed of Money to Take Care of My Kids
    I was an uneducated imagrant, and to find a job was a taff situation. After a long search I found a job that pay a little, building railroads, usually womens did not work at such jobs, but I didn't had a husband to take care of the family, so I had to do it on my own. My two kids got sick and were in danger of dying from Malaria. Mine while me and my kids continued living in the small room with the other two families, it was hard to affored the room.
  • With no money to pay for medicine, my kids died

    With no money to pay for medicine, my kids died
    My kids both died from the diseas Malaria because I couldn't affored buying for them the madicen. I was sad and broke, I wanted to do this jorney with my two kids, now I am on my own. While I am steel looking for a better job that will give me more money, I though day and night and got to the conclution that my kids did not had a good life, and I should take them with me to the west, in my heart, it made me stronger, and braver. It was my goal now!
  • A Train to the West

    A Train to the West
    Over time working day and night, starving and selling my family jewelry, I raised money to take a train to the west. I wanted to move to the west to get free land, have easier life not where my kids died, but I didn't want to move because I was week after the deaf, because I don't know what is going to happened. After few days in a train from New Jersey, I arrived at the West! I was so exsited, full of life. I made it, with my kids in my heart. I started new life at the West I was looking for.
  • New life

    New life
    I went to get my land to seattle down, but then I found out that I needed to fight for the land, race, kill, scarfy, all to get what you are looking for, the race to the land called the Homestead Act. I couldn't do it because I was a woman that didn't know how to fight, all the other families came with a man to fight for them. But that wouldn't break me I will get my land someday. The begining was living with ten other people in the same small room.
  • The End of the Jorney

    The End of the Jorney
    I worked the hardest I ever did, folding and washing laundry, all to get my land. After a while at the west I meet many people and I was mostly accosted with the Chinies immigrants just like me. I got married too, and moved with my husband to his big land, from that day my money problems were over, I finally was seattled. In a year and a half I was a citizen. I finally achived alll my goals, with better and esier life.