Immigration and Westward Expansion

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  • Introduction

    My name is Dominik Shnitsenveasal im twenty-three years old and im moving to America because I want land to grow potatoes to make my famouse potato beef soup. Also because my family has made so many enemies that neither me or anyone i fall in love with will be safe in Germany.
  • The Boat

    The Boat I am Traveling on is full of disease. Luckily for me i brought my own food so hopefully i wont catch anything. I have been eduacated how diseases spread and have done my best to make all the neccessary precautions.
  • Ellis Island

    I made it through despite all the rumors. This is because in Germany i had been taught how to speak English. I am young and healthy and my positive attitude probably helped too.
  • Family History

    As I told you earlier My family has no shortage of enemies. I thought that coming to America would escape this. However someone here seems to be following me not sure though
  • Marriage

    I have fallen in love with a woman named Georgia Mclanan. In a couple of weeks we will be married and then we will begin our journey to the west to get the land I need for the potatoes!
  • Journey West

    Me and my wife are now starting the journey west. I sold the silver watch that I had brought to America and had been given far more for it than I thought. I saw a wanted poster somewhat ressembling the man I saw following me today I hope everything turns out ok.
  • Potato soup

    We have arrived and we handed land even faster than we could have hoped. The soil is perfect for my potatoes and the soup is going better than ever. Soon I think I will open up a resturant for passers by and for the other land owners serving my delicious soup.
  • Confronted

    The Man from the wanted poster grabbed me today and pushed me against a wall. He said that if I didnt give him the watch within one day then that day would be my last.
  • Attacked

    Today the gangster walked to me and I asked me if I had the Watch when I said no He pulled out a pistol and shot me in the shoulder. He than ran away obviously thinking I was dead.
  • Hospital

    I woke up in a small room with some people standing over me. They said I was lucky to be alive and that they would try and get me back to my wife as soon as possible.
  • It all Worked out

    I finnally opened my shop a few days ago and evertone loves the soup. Me and Georgia were even able to hire some people to work our land so we can stay in the resturant full time. Everything worked out in the end and im really glad that I decided to move to America