Immigrant Journel Timeline

  • On the Ship

    On the Ship
    April 7th, 1852 I'm on this big ship on my way to the new world. There was nothing left for me in China ever since my parents died. We have been riding the waves for 3 days now. The meals were some what decent. A lot of people were not use to the motion of a boat and they got really sick. There have already been people who have fallen of the side of the boat when we hit a big wave. The only family I brought with me was my dog Ying.
  • I Arrived!

    I Arrived!
    April 8th, 1852
    I can finally see the new world...my new life. It was a beautiful sunny morning when we docked at Angel Island. People poured off the boat. I don't know why they were in a rush, we were all going to get off the boat. Ying was really excited but his leash held him back. I told him to calm down. Angel Island was huge and filled with immigrants like me.
  • Leaving the Island

    Leaving the Island
    April 9th, 1852
    We were suppose to stay on Angel Island but a lot of people didn't listen. I bought my self a horse and went to the states. I had to hold Ying when we rode off. Good thing he was only a puppy. Only some of the immigrants got away from the island. I rode my horse as far as it would go and I decided to settle there. There were no houses or anything...it was perfect. It was right near a stream. I saw someone snooping around my horse when I went I looked back after getting my water.
  • The Start of my Life

    April 9th, 1852
    I heard a little yipp and I knew he had Ying. I ran towards the man. I had a knife and I got right behind him and told him to put the dog down. He turned and pointed his revolver at me. Without warning I stabbed his arm so he would drop the gun...it worked. In agonizing pain he dropped the dog and tried grabbed his gun with his other hand but I grabbed it first and held it to his head.
  • My Job is my Life

    April 10th, 1852 By now I knew I wanted to be a cowboy. The guy from yesterday ran away, but I took his guns and his ammo. I wanted to live my life riding my horse and herd cattle. I don't think I will ever go back to China. My life here is great. I met a fellow Chinamen today. We together start herding cattle and we got into gun fights with other cowboys. When we got the herd to its location, we got paid. It was a very small amount. Not many people liked us. Maybe it was because we were from C