Imigration and Westward Expansion

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    Immagration and Life in America

  • Stuck on Ellis Island

    When I, Tom Scalabreny, got to Ellis Island was held there acused of stealing around 600$ from a man. I was the one that commited this crime because I needed money. Eventualy they let me got because they couldn't figure out who did it.
  • In America

    Just because I wanted to save money I didn’t eat much food and I slept in alleys at night. I got sick and had to spent some money for clothes and medience.
  • First Job

    Finally, me, Tom Scalabreny, got my first job as a newpaper man after stealing food and sleeping in allies for about three months.
  • Working on the Railroad

    I am now working on the rail roads and I get my food for free. Also, i get ok pay but in the end it will be worth it.
  • Free Land Here I Come!

    I have been working on the rail road for quite some time now. So I stopped working a left to find out were I can get my free land.
  • Free Land Race

    I raced to find some good land for me to farm on and after getting beat to the spot i wanted to go I found an even better spot to farm.
  • Farming on my New Land

    The land out here is rich and perfect for growing corn, potatoes, and wheat. I have bought a few cattle and I now make my own milk. Things are going well.
  • Crops

    I had done well the first year or two in farming but after a while my products weren't selling as well because everyone else is trying to sell their food too. So i have decided to live off of my land and farm for my self for the rest of my life.