identity timeline

  • birth

    genesys rodriguez
  • met step mom

    met step mom
    my step mom is like my best friend and she has raised me since she's been in my life
  • first little brother is born

    first little brother is born
    my first little brother Robert is now 13 years old and me and him are the closest in age out of all of our siblings.
  • started cheerleading

    started cheerleading
    I started to cheer when I was 4 and at first it was just tumbling but once I started to enjoy cheer more my parents put me into competitive cheer when I was 11.
  • started gymnastics

    started gymnastics
    I started gymnastics at 4 years old because my mom was a gymnast and at that time she had her own gym and she would take me with her when she had to work so I grew a liking to gymnastics.
  • first trip

    first trip
    the first trip i ever went on was to Colombia to see some family with my mom, grandma, and my cousins.
  • started softball

    started softball
    I was 5 when I started to play softball, and I started playing because my sisters also used to play softball which I why I started to play in the first place.
  • birth of brother #2

    birth of brother #2
    my second brother Ryan, is now 7 years old and when he was born is when i started to take care of my little brothers more.
  • stepmom & dad marry

    stepmom & dad marry
    they have been together for 15 years and the have been married for 11 years.
  • my first state champ cheer ring

    my first state champ cheer ring
    i got my first state champ ring at 13 and me and my team hit our routine which is not easy especially because are routine had our mid, mini, and our pros which is just our 7-9 cheer leaders, our 10-12, and our 13-15 cheer leaders.
  • quit all sports

    quit all sports
    in 2018 I had to quick all of the sports i played due to numerous injuries I received over the years of playing and competing.
  • trip to Cuba

    trip to Cuba
    when I went to Cuba it was really surprising to me because I wasn't used to seeing poverty and it was just a very different lifestyle from mine. but being there was so beautiful there are amazing beaches and all the different buildings were very colorful.
  • graduation

    i graduated from a small school with only about 300 kids in the school and since there were not that many kids we were all very close as a school in general, so leaving there was a little difficult, especially since i went from pre-k to eighth grade
  • started driving

    started driving
    I started learning to drive around December of 2019 but I started driving on my own last year in April.
  • birth of little brother #3

    birth of little brother #3
    the baby of the family is ryden he is the youngest and he is currently 15 months so just a little over a year old.
  • covid

    me, my stepmom, and my dad all got covid in 2020 a couple months after my little brother was born
  • great grandma passed

    great grandma passed
    my great grandma died right before thanksgiving because of age.
  • my job

    my job
    I started working at a hair salon that my sister and my stepmom both work at as well, I am a manager and an assistant and my job is to wash hair, handle the front desk, and to make sure everything at the salon runs smoothly daily.
  • first car

    first car
    I got my first car this year, its a 2018 impala, all black with tan leather interior. I got it as an early birthday gift from my step mom and my dad.
  • night at northwestern

    night at northwestern
    there was one night when i was with my sisters and we drove around downtown late at night and we got food and sang and we talked about a lot of things, then we went to northwestern and went by the lake on there campus because my sister goes there and we just talked and it was just a very memorable night for me because I don't always get the chance to be with my sisters like.