• My Own

    My Own
    This was the day I finally got my own bed to lie in. I have a full house so in my mother's room it was me my sister and her 2 kids plus my mom. My mother's bed was bigger than my sister's bed. Me and one of my nieces slept with my mom and the other slept with her mom. Then my 2nd oldest sister moved out and left her room to my first sister and her kids. Once they moved into the other room the extra bed was left to me and I laid in that bed all day.
  • Halloween

    This was the best Halloween day I can remember because I got scared a lot this day. I was getting ready around 2pm in the afternoon to put my costume on. I dressed up as a vampire and my makeup was really cool. So I went with my family to the police department first to get lots of candy first and then we all took a ride to Chicago Hights to trick or treat. The houses were big and decorated really scary. Some houses even had the jump scare objects or scared us themselves.
  • My time at a restaurant

    My time at a restaurant
    This was the first time I started being rewarded for my grades when I was in middle school. So my sister took me and her kids to the movies first and then afterwards we went to a restaurant called Chili's. I was really niceand spacious on the inside and there food was amazing.
  • My First IPhone

    My First IPhone
    So I have had my android for like 4-5 years before this date and I have wanted a phone forever. Then a few days before Christmas I finally got one and was so excited. Lastly on the day of Christmas I got the phone case headphones and a apple gift card with some money.
  • Outdoor Family Time

    Outdoor Family Time
    This was my first time bowling and going to a outdoor party. I was at the MLK Skating rink and I had a lot of fun for my first time. it was my niece 10th birthday and most of my whole family was there and we did a lot of things and had fun.
  • Grad of 2k19

    Grad of 2k19
    I graduated from the 8th grade this day and experienced a lot of accomplishments for all my hard work I did through out middle shool. I remember getting up extra eairly for graduation cause it started early but it didnt last long. overall I really enjoyed this day and it was my best accomplishment.
  • First day of school

    First day of school
    I was really nervous nervous to start my first day of highchool. When I first got there the school was way bigger then I expected and I got lost a few times looking for my classes. I did end up making some new friends and really enjoyed my first day at Morgan Park HS.