Events and People of the French Reolution

  • Period: to

    Events & People

  • Meeting and Estates General

    Assembly of nobels, clergy, and the third estate. The third class formed their own National Assembly.
  • Fall of the Bastille

    Group of angry citizens fought and took over the Bastille, which was a fortress holding prisoners.
  • March on Versailles

    People of France broke into the palace and demanded food.
  • Flight to Varenres

    National Assembly limited Kings authority,then had to deal with a monarch ruler.
  • Dissolution of the National Assembly

    Frane became a monarchy countries legislature assembly. Moderate royalists to radical republicans.
  • Attack on Tuileries Palace

    Austria army attacked the palace in a long battle.
  • Declaration of the Republican & Trial of Louis XVI

    The legislative declared an execution of Louis and Marie Antonett.
  • Reign of Terror

    Maximilian Robespiere killed many peple and caused a lot of trouble throughout his city.