• 451

    the council of chaldon

    convened by pope leo VIII\
    Dealt with belief in Christ having just one nature
    Issued edicts to do with Church administration
    Not accepted by the Orthodox Churches
  • Feb 10, 1548

    bubonic plague

    without treatment it will kill 2-3 people within 4 days
    killes 60% of europe
    shook peoples faith in the church
  • the council of trent

    considered one of the most important church councils
    pope paulIIIc called the council
    to deral with the prodastans
  • prodastan reformation

    the split of the western catholic church
    changed the hirachy of the church
    martin luther lead it
  • the counter reformation

    was after the reformation
    A comprehensive effort of four major elements
     Ecclesiastical reconfiguration
     Religious orders
     Spiritual movements
     Political dimensions (Inquisitions – an investigation into incorrect belief)
  • the second vatican council

    opened by pope john XXIII closed by pope paul V
    preperation took 2 years
    several topics were covered in the council
    -the nature and reform of the litergy
    -the word of god
    -role of bishiops and priests
    -the media
    -the church and how it relates to people
  • the first vatican council

    delt with relationship with the public and the church
    at laterne basilica
    defined the docterin
    the pope used papal infalibility