World History

  • Period: 300 to 1100


    Ghana got independence from Britain which made them the first sub-saharan nation to be free from colonial rule. Ghana was located in West Africa.
  • Period: 319 to 550

    Gupta Empire

    The Gupta Empire made huge advancements in science, engineering, mathematics, and philosophy. The Gupta was located in Asia
  • Period: 330 to 1453

    Byzantine Empire

    The Byzantine Empire helped preserve Greek and Roman Culture. The Empire controlled land in Asia, Africa, and Europe.
  • Period: 618 to

    imperial china

    Imperial China was greatly known for the 4 great inventions of papermaking, gunpowder, the compass and printing. Imperial China was located in Asia.
  • Period: 632 to 1258

    Muslim Empire

    The Muslim Empire perfected the water wheel a technique that could be used by humans, animals, and the wind. the Muslim Empire was located in Western Asia.
  • Period: 794 to

    Japan (Heian and Edo periods)

    Had a huge amount of economic growth and japanese writings. Both periods were located in Japan.
  • Period: 800 to

    Holy Roman Empire

    They conquered a huge amount of land in Europe and northern africa, they also spread the Latin language worldwide. The Holy Roman Empire was was located in Western and Central Europe.
  • Period: 1200 to 1533


    A huge achievement of the Incas was there greatly amazed system of roads. the Incas were located in South America.
  • Period: 1230 to


    The Mali Empire was known for there abundant amount of gold which they used for architecture and made the famous Great Mosque of Djenné. Mali was located in Western Africa
  • Period: 1300 to 1521


    One of the biggest achievements of the Aztecs was their construction of their island city Tenochtitlán. They were located on the continent of North America
  • Period: 1375 to


    Songhai was best known for there agricultural systems with food production and there growth of crops, which allowed them to become a huge trade center. The Songhai Empire was located in west Africa.
  • Period: to 1500


    The Maya developed the most complex system of writing in the ancient Americas, using hieroglyphics, or picture symbols, to represent sounds, words, and other ideas. The Mayans were located in North and South America.