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Mist Saga

  • 30,000 BCE

    World is formed

    The world comes from the Cauldron of Creation
  • 29,999 BCE

    Whiro is created

    First Primordial
  • 29,998 BCE

    Febris is created

    Second Primordial
  • 29,997 BCE

    Runa is created

    Third Primordial.
    She is Created and subsequently turned inside out by her siblings.
  • 29,996 BCE

    Elphane is created

    Fourth Primordial
  • 28,000 BCE

    Aedh are Created

    The Aedh are created by Elphane, the first being Iccona and Crierwy
  • 27,000 BCE


    Humans are created by Runa and kept within a separate world from the rest of the world
  • 26,000 BCE

    Lytta & Demons

    The Lytta and Demon species are created the former by Whiro the latter by Febris
  • 25,000 BCE

    Four Treasures

    The Four treasures of the Aedh appear in the world. The sword of Justice, Spear of War, Stone of Fal, The Song of Incandescence. The Cauldron of Creation is mistaken as the fourth treasure.
  • 24,000 BCE

    Elphane is Banished

    The Cauldron of Creation stops working for the Aedh, Elphane is banished for Cannibalizing her siblings and the Aedh separate into tribes.
  • 23,000 BCE

    Destruction of Home

    The Humans homeworld is no longer safe and Runa returns them to the real world in order to save them. Humans no longer remember Runa and Demons take over the Humans home world. The Humans settle on what will be Pander.
  • Period: 21,000 BCE to 8950 BCE

    Lyttan Empire

    The Lyttan Empire is formed when they come on Land and conquer the humans.
  • Period: 16,000 BCE to 15,500 BCE

    Kingdom of Eresh

    The first Human Kingdom is formed and falls to the Lytta
  • Period: 15,750 BCE to 12,000 BCE

    Empire of Marduk

    The First Human Empire, conquers the Eresh and the Hattu, is eventually destroyed by the Empire of the Mazreians.
  • Period: 13,000 BCE to 12,250 BCE

    Kingdom of Hattu

    The Human Kingdom of Hattu would eventually fall from infighting and be absorbed by the Mazreian Empire
  • Period: 12,000 BCE to 9000 BCE

    Empire of Mazreian

    Great conquerers, the Mazreian Empire would absorb all the fallen kingdoms and Empires previous to it. They were once thought to be the Empire that would never falter, but they would fall to the Lytta 50 years prior to the great collapse.
  • 11,000 BCE

    Five Kingdoms of Yinghua

    Five Kingdoms would form in the south of Pander: Fangzhang, Yuangjiao, Yingzhou, Penglai, and Daiyu. The Lytta would separate the Five kingdoms from the mainland but they would remain.
  • Period: 10,000 BCE to 6000 BCE

    Empire of the Hattu

  • 8950 BCE

    Great Collapse

    The Primordial Whiro would come out of the sea and literally smash his face into the land, causing all the land that once connected now Pander and now Dagda to collapse into the sea. In doing so he brought all the Lytta back to the Sea as well, ending the Lyttan Empire.
  • 8000 BCE

    Febris comes to Pander

  • Period: 7500 BCE to 100

    Empire of Yinghua

    The Five Kingdoms of Yinghua are conquered by Wu Feng and made into the Empire of Yinghua.
  • Period: 7000 BCE to 1 BCE

    Kingdom of the Aedh

    Via an Elected Monarchy the Aedh Rule all of Dagda. They Fall when the Humans that would come to be known as the Domini defeat their last leaders Sorcha and Finn Alasdair.
  • 6000 BCE

    Demon Plague

    The Demon Plague wipes out four fifths of Pander.
  • 5500 BCE

    Human Exodus

    Humans leave Pander in droves and settle all over the world.
  • Period: 5500 BCE to

    Sultanate of Prithvi

    the Sultanate of Prithvi is formed.
  • 5000 BCE

    Humans in Dagda

    Humans Come to Dagda
  • Period: 5000 BCE to 3900 BCE

    Empire of Mazreians II

    The Second Empire of the Mazreians is formed and will fall to Famine as the once lush lands starts to turn to desert.
  • Period: 5000 BCE to

    Sultanate of Chusi

    The Chusi people separate from Prithvi and form their own, fighting for their lands.
  • 4000 BCE

    Humans Enslaved

    The Humans that will become known as the Domini are Enslaved by the Aedh
  • Period: 3600 BCE to 1 CE

    Nomad Kingdoms

    Thousands of Nomadic Shaman Kingdoms appear around Oasis' in Pander claiming no territory but claiming Kingdomship. Despite their being no clear boarders this time is rather peaceful in Pander.
  • Period: 2000 BCE to

    Kingdom of Fiameaux

    The Kingdom of Fiameaux would pull themselves together two thousand years after finding the Island that would become the Kingdom. They would eventually be absorbed into Dominium.
  • Period: 950 BCE to

    Kaski Tribes

    When Domini tried to conquer them they formed a Tribal Confederacy, and after they won against Domini but had the Queen they sent to them to marry into the royal family Killed, the Kaski declared the Domini their eternal enemy. They would eventually be absorbed into Dominium.
  • 340 BCE

    Human Rebellion

    The Humans that will become known as Domini Rebel against the Aedh and fight against them for 340 years.
  • 1 CE

    Dominus Dynasty

    The Dynasty of the Dominus is formed, they unite Dagda under the human banner.
  • Period: 1 CE to

    Empire of Dominium

    The Empire of Dominium is formed by the Free Human Slaves on Dagda, casting out the Aedh
  • Period: 100 to 150

    Theocracy of Pander

    Pander is United into a Single kingdom ruled by High Priests, it lasts only 50 years
  • 150

    Pander is Conquered

    Pander is Conquered by Dominium
  • 180

    Yinghua Conquered

    Yinghua is conquered by the Domini and turned into a province.
  • Period: 190 to 200

    Kingdom of Pander II

    The second Kingdom of Pander lasted only ten years but saw 62 Kings and 45 Queens. They were reconquered by Dominium.
  • Period: 399 to 400

    Kingdom of Pander III

    Only lasted a year, was ruled over by a God King and again conquered by Dominium.
  • Period: 600 to 807

    Fourth Kingdom of Pander

    Lead by a rebellion General from Dominium whom was a prophet. Lasted a little over 200 years before once again being conquered by Dominium.
  • Period: 600 to

    Claiomh Solais

    The Aedh kingdom is founded underground in the Misty Hills by the Rhianrwy family.
  • Period: 650 to

    Coire Ansic

    Aedh Kingdom is formed in the Misty Atolls by the Alasdair family. It is eventually absorbed into Dominium after the Death of Persephone Illyrias.
  • 900

    Illyrias Dynasty

    The Dominus Dynasty lacks heirs and thus the Illyrias become Emperors by marrying the last females of the Dominus Line.
  • Period: 1000 to

    Caligoni Expansion

    The Caligoni start to conquer their own people and create a war council in order to lead.
  • Period: 1440 to 1568

    Fifth Kingdom of Pander

    Lead by the Seppion family, Conquered by Augustus Illyrias.
  • Period: to

    Kingdom of Yinghua

    Restored after they were recognized as an Empire by Dominium and gaining their independence, they would eventually be reabsorbed into Dominium though marriage.
  • Period: to

    Kingdom of Caligon

    The Kingdom of Caligon is formed as an Elective Monarchy.