History Timeline

  • Pierre was granted monoply on fur trade

    Pierre was granted monoply on fur trade
  • Period: to

    History Timeline

  • Champlain established Ste.Croix Island

  • Port Royal settled

  • French settlement on Ste.Croix then Port Royal between 03-07

  • French moved along the St.Lawerence River to go to the richer fur trade areas.

  • returned to Acadia with Father Fleche, Claude de Tour, and Charles his son.

  • In Port Royal more coloists arrived, with father Masse and father Biard

  • Restored to trading furs, hiding from Enlish. Enlish clamied Acdaia .

  • St.Lawrence river fur trading area was very sucessful. The new FRance Company was granted a monopoly for the fur trading.

  • At Port Royal in Acadia William Alexander attemped to establish a Scottish settelment.

  • The Kirke brothers, fighting for England, forced champlain to surrender, when attacked.

  • the Acadia returned to France

  • Port Royal and Quebec become popular settlement

  • the company of Habitants took over the monoply of the fur trade.

  • the French control Acadia, English attack Port Royal again and capture all the French settlement around the Bay of Fundy.

  • Treaty of Westminster

  • the French government took over control of New France. Royal government was established.